Dyeing results and more socks for YOSH

The results of the dyeing and I am so so pleased with how the yarn has taken the colour.
Firstly this is Alpaca merino double knit yarn from Bluefaced. I wanted something cheery to make socks for me and I think I have succeeded don't you?
I used Cerulean Blue,acid yellow,brilliant orange and buttercup yellow all Procion MX dyes.
Then another view of the same yarn
This next yarn is Knitpicks bare 100% superwash DK
and for this I used Raspberry, brilliant emerald, cerulean blue procion. I deliberately left some white parts for contrast.

Next we have some double knit merino that Artis Anne gave me. This is most definitely my favourite:)

I used Kemtex kenanthrol dyes in jade,vivid violet and electric blue. What do you think?

Last one is the Colinette Isis I over dyed and it looks much better now. I used the same 3 colours as the above yarn but just look at the difference. Partly the fact is is over dyed but also that I forgot it was cotton mix.

lovely muted shades though.
Finally the latest pair of socks for YOSH.
A mix of Hipknits donated by Roobeedoo together with a strand of purple marl 4ply. I think they go together well don't you?
Weather here is mixed. We have just had heavy hail that has left the roads white. This after freezing rain most of the day. Spring is on its way though.


aniexma said…
Oooo...I really like all the colours! I've got some procion dyes and a bit of undyed yarn - maybe this week!
Artis-Anne said…
My word you have been busy and I love them all ;you have inspired me to get my dyes out at long last :)
I am with you on loving the purple colours and my favourite is the same as yours.
The rainbow colours look great also but I am a purple girl at heart ( with a dash of other jewel colours for variety)
GrannyPurple said…
Welcome to the joys of "2-sock-yarn" socks. If they're both patterned, it's a big adventure, and of course they go so quickly! Yours are gorgeous.
Kari Gibson said…
Beautiful dye-work, that dash of cereulean does it for me!
Janice said…
Beautiful colours, I really must get my dyes out as well.
Anne said…
I love the colours you've used - it's been so miserable here the last few days, such a bright splash of colour is very welcolme!
Roobeedoo said…
Oh wow - look at that! The Hipknits yarn looks great mixed with the other one - really calms down the sugary pinkness! And your dye-ing experiments are fab!

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