Knitting allergy:( + finished socks etc

There has been knitting chez Moggies and not just socks.
I wanted to make another calorimetry for a friends daughter and ended up making two as you do.

Both in Adriafil quarzo trends, less than 1 x 50gm ball for the two. 1 to fit a 4year old, the other to fit an adult.
They brighten up the day don't they?
Then I knit Mr Mog a pair of socks using the yarn that Laal Bear dyed for him as part of his Yule gift.
I added a contrast red/yellow yarn for heels and toe on 1 sock. Mr Mog doesn't like matching socks so one toe was done in the yellow/orange and one in the contrast yarn. He loves them and they fit him. What more can you ask of a knitted item?
Now for the other part of my posting. I am allergic to the nickel part of my knitpicks harmony needles:( My hands are manky and I've narrowed it down to the needles. Now I am not going to give up my knitting, it serves me well as a meditational aid and as therapy for arthritic/rheumatic joints. I am not going to give up my knitpicks either as they make the knitting much easier. But saying all that I can't go on with my hands affected so much. I've read that other people with this reaction paint the nickel with clear nail varnish to stop it. That is what I'm going to try so wish me luck.
The sun is fabulous today and we had a walk in our local park to see if it was waking up. As you can see from these pictures, spring is in the air.

there were flowers on show

in odd corners under trees.
There were squirrels
and buds on trees, what more could I ask?


My mother used to paint the ends of the suspenders on her corsets (I am really showing my age here !) with nail polish as she was nickel sensitive but it kept coming off in the wash so she had to stitch ribbons over the fasteners.

I hope that the nail polish doesn't wear off your needles with the breakneck speed that you knit!

My fingers get excema in between them but that is usually from certain dyes in the wool that I am using, That happens whichever needles I use.
Anonymous said…
I really hope painting nail vanish on the needles helps.
Artis-Anne said…
Oh no !! here's hoping that the nail varnish does the trick. Would covering the nickle with astrip of sellotape help if the nail varnish wears off ?
Great knits Amber and I love the caliometry as I know who else does ;)
I just wish Spring would hurry up and arrive up here in the mountains , we are usually about two weeks behind the flatlanders :( Its been so cold here today with yet more snow brrrr
Tammy said…
I think the HiyaHiya's may work well for you. I really like them for knitting my socks. They are probably the same expense as the KP's though I haven't checked.
docwitch said…
What beautiful, beautiful wool! The colours are yum. Lovely work.

I have a nickel allergy also. So too does my mother. What a shame your needles are doing it. I don't suppose you could try wearing close fitting cotton (or silk) gloves when knitting? I suppose it could possibly interfere with the knitting, but I remember my mother wearing gloves at times her allergy flared up and she wanted to do things like knit.
Anne said…
I love the calorimetry - it's just what I need to keep my hair under control on cold windy days - but I would have to knit it in cotton or bamboo, as wool makes me itch! I have a large supply of cotton roll-neck sweaters to wear under wooly things. Hope you can sort out the problem with your needles.
Blue Witch said…
I think those spring flowers are going to be in for a shock with the weather foreceast for the next couple of weeks (I've not checked ooop norf, but presume it's much the same as down south).

Good job you've got those lovely colours to make you feel warm!
aniexma said…
Wow, Spring??!! We've got at least another three months of deep-freeze winter here!

Too bad about the nickel allergy. I've got Raynaud's and can't use any metal needles, only plastics and bamboo. Have you tried bamboo?
Roobeedoo said…
Mr Mog's socks are SO much fun! And the calorimetry colour needs to be spread on freshly-baked bread - yum! Sorry about your hands :(

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