Going pink for October

You will notice a different template to the blog. This is because it is October and Breast cancer awareness month and therefore I'm going pink in honour of it. Hopefully to remind people to check their breasts regularily. Lets try and prevent as much cancer as we can ok?


Elle said…
I have a great little video from Cancer Research UK for Breast Awareness Month on my blog at the moment. Feel free to stop by and check it out ;)
Jean said…
Definately something we all need to be aware of. This is something all women need to pay attention to.
Ursula said…
Great idea to Think Pink Amber . It confusing though I keep thinking i've gone on my own site :-))
yvonnep said…
It's a devilish game: each year october I seem to hear that one of the women I know has breast cancer. This year is no exeption. :-(
One of the Knitty Noras has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer so I am doing my bit to support the Breast Cancer appeal.
The Kings Arms Salford knitting group is organising a raffle of hand made items with a pink theme for Breast Cancer on the 24th Oct and I have made (and am stil making) items for that.
Check your boobs for syptoms ladies (and guys)
Anonymous said…
I hope you realise your blog is featured on the Simply Knitting website: www.simplyknitting.co.uk!

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