My blog featured on simply knitting website:)

just had an email from my sp to let me know that my blog has been featured as this weeks blog on the simply knitting website:)
They are very complimentary about the blog which is lovely:)


SewIknit2 said…
I love eye of partridge heel too!
Super socks!
found you via SK blog referral.
Artis-Anne said…
Couldn't get the link to work but will check it out :)
See you have finished the socks ; they look good and a quick knit at DK :)
Cinders said…
Well done on being mentioned in SK. Your blogis very good so desrves a mention.
yvonnep said…
congrats with that, the link doesn't seem to work, but I believe you!
So nice for you to get the recognition you deserve.
Congrats Amber.
Aknita said…
Well done Amber. The link doesn't appear to be working, but well done nevertheless :-)

Your socks from the previous post are lovely :-) DK and the quickness thereof sounds very tempting.
Diane said…
Congrats! Nice write up.

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