A walk along the promenade at Heysham

We went for a walk along the prom at Heysham today as it was such a gorgeous day.This is a view towards the village and church. In the ruins of St Patrick's chapel are several viking graves
We didn't go as far as that on this walk, maybe next time.
The tide was just coming in and it was very peaceful. Not as many visitors as Morecambe which suited us.

Lots of rock pools
Lovely and clear.
The ash has buds on it as well as keys.
Rosa rugosa is still in flower
Part of the beach is giant slabs of sandstone with interesting patterns on it.
Sea holly aptly growing here.
Imagine the number of tides there must have been to wear the sandstone like this.
Almost spring green on some of the trees,
I love this mix of new flowers and giant hips

Some looked like baby tomatoes.
Some like giant cherries.
View from the path lover the bay, Lake district hills in the background

The path is perfect for both wheelchairs and prams.

It was a lovely mixture of bare branches and fresh growth.
Now these fungi were on our front garden this morning when we woke up.
I love the dew on the grass

There were also still flowers to be seen, looks like Mr Mog will need to cut the grass at least once more before winter.
Next post a sneak preview of the Gothic yarns I dyed:)


clarabelle said…
Super photos, Amber! I've never visited this area, but it's obviously really lovely (and Viking graves as well - just up my street!).
yvonnep said…
Super photos indeed! Such clear colours. What an inspiration to dye!
Jean said…
Thank you for sharing your photos, they are so special, if felt as if you took us along with you on your stroll. I especially liked the fungi in the dewey grass.

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