A touch of gothic dyeing for Samhain

I decided to try again with dyeing some mohair. As you know my last attempt although lovely was a wee bit too pale for my liking. As we are fast approaching Samhain it seemed only natural to dye with that in mind. Here you see the yarns dripping dry. I'll do some close ups once dry. I decided to dye some knitpicks bare along side the mohair. 1 sock yarn and 1 double knit.
I am really looking forward to seeing the dry yarn and knitting it up.

This one I want to make into a floaty shawl with dangly fringe, maybe incorporate some dark beads into the fringe.


Kathy said…
I love the colors. So vivid yet warm.
Rosie said…
they're gorgeous!
Fabbie colours! Adore that purple to black shading. :)
Liz said…
Oooh, can't wait to see them knitted up. I love them!
murdo said…
That is my favourite colours. I haven't heard Samhain mentioned for a good few years.
Jean said…
The yarns are so vibrant, what a pleasure it will be to see your creation. (I left a comment on your posting cowl posting, if you would be so kind to read it).
So these are what you were dyeing when we spoke the other day.
Lovely colours. I like the strong rich vibrant colours.
Well dyed.
maylin said…

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