Finished My october socks, more knitting and boo to V*rG*N

Finished my October brown socks for the solid sock KAL. Yarn BFL hand dyed by me and used double for warm socks for the hospice:)

Also made a calorimetry in medium size for a gift probably. Now need to make me one.
view over the bay towards the lake district mountains
moon over the town
very moody picture

When we came home from my DDs we went up to catch the last of the sunset and the moon.
First time I've seen the moon properly this month with all the rain and cloudy skies.
Can't access emails bl%%dy Virgin are down again:( Couldn't even get online from yesterday afternoon until this morning as the router and Internet were also down. Such is life and in the scheme of things it isn't too bad. I've almost finished my seafoam shawl. I'm busy making the edging up as I go with a crochet hook. I think it will look ok when finished.
I wanted to do a rant on the present financial stuff but decided that as I had a headache to start with it wasn't worth it.


Yvonne said…
You've won an 'I Love Your Blog' award! Details on my blog...
Having no access is a bummer. I am with the fruit O one and they keep cutting me off and then telling me it is all BT's fault! It's NEVER their fault always my phone line. I beg to differ but that's another story.
I get a headache if I even think about financial stuff. It's all too scary these days. As long as they leave me enough pennies for my wool as Jan without her crochet is not a pretty sight! Grrr!

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