Sea foam creatures anyone? And a blog award:)

My sea shawl is finished:) I decided to go with a crochet freeform approach to cast off. That is I didn't plan or work anything out I let the hook dictate:)
I think it looks very different and OOAK. What do you say?
The broomsticks gave it a once over
As did the fading buddleia.
Yarn Kid mohair from, hand dyed by me with procion dyes.
Needles 8mm harmony options circular and 7mm crochet hook.
Size very large
Recipient, as yet unknown.
I'm ready to cast on with the autumnal mohair I dyed at Artis Annes. But I do have enough of the sea mohair to make a moebius cowl and most probably fingerless mittens so I think that may come first.

I've been awarded the I love your blog award by Yvonne:). Thank you Yvonne:)


Elle said…
Very nice shawl, I'm very taken with the colours. And congrats on the award. Well deserved :)
clarabelle said…
The shawl is fantastic, Amber! The edging really makes it, I think.
Jean said…
I love the colors in the shawl, it reminds me of seaglass that you find on the beach, the colors are delicate.(I had given your blog this award too). You appear to be very popular! You really do deserve to be recognized.
Aknita said…
What a lovely shawl. The unique and original cast off make it very special :-)
I am glad that you are letting your crochet side come through. My aim in life is to show how crochet can enhance things even for avid knitters.

The shawl looks lovely and the edging looks great.

Congrats on your award. As Elle says - well deserved.
yvonnep said…
Well deserved award and nice shawl!
Cinders said…
I like your shawl and love the colours. was the yarn easy to handle when you dyed it? I did have a kvetch of it at Andys and put it on my mental list of things to buy.
Anonymous said…
What an inventive cast off. I love it!
CouthyQuine said…
Great shawl and the cast-off is what makes it. I'd love to see some more close-ups of the crocheted edging!

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