A trip to an open day+ canals = joy

Amanda,Natural dye studio stand
these photos are not in the right order because for some reason this laptop dies not want to cut and past or indeed copy and paste. No matter here we go:-
so lets start backwards shall we? This is where we are staying tonight, and this is the view from our hotel window
ideal for canal lovers wouldn't you say?
The boat museum lies above and makes good coffee. We arrived there after our open day visit closely followed by Laal Bear and Megs man who decided it might be good to have a mystery tour of Cheshire and then join us for coffee. Mystery tour? That would be because I directed Mr Mog the wrong way from Andys to the boat museum. Didn't matter I think we all enjoyed the coffee when we got there. No links it won't play.
No road traffic from these tonight
or from this family of swans.

The day started here, meeting many Ravelry friends and perusing glorious yarn. Lots of it. This is Jeni from Fyberspates stall, aren't the colours gorgeous?
Debbies stall DT Crafts, a mecca for folks what dye:)
a small part of Andy's stock. Mr Bluefaced was holding the open weekend and the weather stayed fair both days, although it cooled somewhat for us today.
More of Andys stock. Yes I did succumb:)

the sky on the way there,through the car window. The clouds were amazing
Another view of Andys place. Yet more yarns
Still more, notice those cones and the fibres?

I think you get some idea of the day:) Suffice it to say we met up with many blogger friends and had a wonderful time. We are now relaxing at the hotel prior to a trip onwards tomorrow. More info on that afterwards


yvette said…
Thanks Amber for sharing your day, it looks great, am deeply jealous ;0)
Aknita said…
Oh it all sounds ( and looks ) wonderful :-)
Blue Witch said…
You certainly have lots of woolly events up norf! Either we don't have any down here or I've missed hearing about them...
Aknita said…
Your weekend away looks absolutely wonderful. Those blue skies would really lift the spirits :-)
Jean said…
I enjoy you blog and have nominated you for the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award. (Please check my blog for rules). This is all just fun and you really do deserve an award for you wonderful blog.
FairiesNest said…
Beautiful setting and magnificent yarns? Must be fiber heaven!
maylin said…
I am deeply,deeply jealous...
But so glad to be able to share the experience via your blog.
Artis-Anne said…
wow great pics Amber :)
Lovely photos.
I just want to dive head first into all that lovely wool.
Sounds as though you had a great day out.

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