Autumnal and Samhain Femmes.

I've been finishing off the Autumnal and Samhain femmes and I thought you would like to see them. Yet again I seem to have made 13 which must be significant in itself. So without further ado let us go and meet les femmes.

Arven adores Samhain and Halloween, she loves the taste of pumpkins and all the ritual that attends this time of year. Spiders are her friends because she travels their webs seeking out new worlds and new challenges. Arven has found a new home thank you.

Meet Arianhod, in honour of the Welsh Goddess who's name she bears. Goddess of reincarnation so perfect for this time of year when the veil is at its thinnest. She spins fibres from earth and water which make up this fabulous greeny blue. She still has to have her spindle attached. The trail of glitter represents the stars in the night sky ,symbolising the link twixt heaven and earth.
Arianhod is taken thank you
Bastet is the guardian goddess of cats from ancient Egypt, this femme encompasses her more protective aspects and is intended as a house guardian. Her spindle helps her to catch and spin negative aspects and turn them into more positive helpful ones where she can. As with all les femmes she also wears a silvery hand that says "hand made".
Fuschia wears the colours of summer deepening into Autumn. She is a creative spirit and is intended as a muse for her new home. She also has a protective cat as her totem.
Vivianne honours the lady of the lake as she is a water femme. Pisces would be her zodiac sign. She doesn't have a spindle because she uses her fishing net instead. Her allies are fish and as you can see she has a few with her. Vivianne personifies the emotional side of the self.
Vivianne is provisionally taken thank you
Andarta is a fertility goddess in her autumnal ,harvest aspect. The falling leaves represent the turn of the wheel into autumn/winter. The spider is her ally weaving the webs of inspiration and creation as Andarta weaves the threads of mist into dreams.
Ixia is dedicated to the Goddess Ix Chel Mayan Goddess of Creativity and Weaving. She carries an artists palette to capture the colours of the earth as she travels.
IXIA is provisionally taken thank you
Maranna is dedicated to the Celtic new year at Samhain,this is when her powers are greatest. The dragonfly is her ally and represents the duality of Samhain. It is the end of the year and the beginning. Maranna also reflects the light within the dark, when timescan seem worse and yet we strive to overcome it.
Thea is a tree spirit and carries a representation of her tree upon her clothes. She also has moon leaves caught on her sleeve. She spindles the falling leaves into seeds for the spring then buries them until it is time for them to grow.
Kelpa lives amongst the seaweed and communes with all the creatures of the sea. She helps us understand that sometimes tears are necessary and that they wash away anger and cleanse the spirit.
Kelpa is provisionally taken thank you
Verdia spins the autumn towards winter. She is a sprite of air. She lives amongst the branches of an old ash tree watching the year go by.
Verdia is provisionally taken thank you

Katia is a true Samhain sprite, her time is when the veil is thinnest. She shines a light into the darkness and travels along the spiders web. Apart from spiders her allies are ants and you will see that one travels in her pocket. Katia is travelling to her new home.

Brigantia values the dark half of the year as a time to go inwards and reflect on what the previous year has taught her. The mushroom symbolises the journey into the underworld. As the spring returns she starts her creative outward journey once more.
Brigantia is taken thank you
As always they can be yours and they await the journey to a new home. Send me a message if any call to you.


aniexma said…
They're all so beautiful!
Ursula said…
Oh Amber , you've excelled yourself this time . I love Fushia and Brigantia. U x
Blue Witch said…
Fabulous, as ever, How do you manage to dream up names and biographies for them all?
clarabelle said…
Your femmes are absolutely beautiful, Amber! I love all the descriptions.

Artis-Anne said…
ALL stunning as usual Amber ; you are so talented
Thursday said…
They're all delightful - I would love to give Andarta a home.

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