Yet more colour and gifts:)

Look what my postie brought this afternoon:)Yet more colours and lush yarn.
From Babylonglegs sock yarn in the colourway goblins:) This is in trade for an elemental which is in progress as we speak. Isn't it a fab colour?

Ravelry purchase of more Krafty Koala in Waterlily
A trade with Claire my Fyberspates self striping yarn in Raven for hers in landscape. Picture is a little blurry , sorry for that.
Then from Maylin a veritable treasure trove of goodness:) Firstly the bag you see above that zings with colours:)
inside which was this softness in blue greens

this colinette silky chic for my shawls in blues and turquoises:0

Finally but the best some hand painted rainbow yarn for Mr Mog some socks:))
Aren't I lucky?


Artis-Anne said…
I came on just to see the knickers :) and they are great , what a brill ideaand this post is so full of colour and yummy yarns too. Count me in if you want more sock yarn Amber but you will have to come and get it LOL .See you soon x
Anonymous said…
Aren't you lucky indeed?! Such gorgeous yarn. Sorry to hear Mr Mog is so unwell and I hope things look up for him really soon.
I love the sock colours. Mr Mog will have some fab socks with that colour. He will have to wear his sandals with those just to show the colour off.
The bag colours are just so you. I can just imagine your face when you opened that parcel.
I bet you love it when the postman calls.
Aknita said…
Very lucky indeed - but then nice things OUGHT to happen to nice people :-)

Wonderful yarn, and great colours :-)

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