Today's post is brought to you by the colours rainbow:)
I decided we needed a little more colour on the blog and a little less misery so here you go.

This picture and the one above are the start of a new series of elementals, the are part done as you can see and now await dressing. They are waiting because as you can see from the next picture I have dyed some more felt:) Doesn't the washing line look colourful after Mr Mog hung the washing out? Not only felt but new colourful undies for me.

These were a bargain, 3 pairs for £1 at Asda so as you can see 6 new pairs of colour to brighten up my day:)
Today's outfit was also colourful, hand dyed by me a few years ago. This started out as a plain pale blue charity shop find and I decided it too needed colour in its life.
Then we have the latest sock, recumbent in the golden marjoram with a dash or orange sitting above it. The colours go so well together and can you believe I didn't realise it until I had asked Mr Mog to photograph it. Isn't the fresh yarn from Laal Bear a treat to the eyes? You will also note that I have done the eye of partridge heel on this sock:)

Following on we have the mix of plants in the old coal bunker and the tubs, notice that the tomatoes have turned a shade?

Finally we go into the kitchen to view the lilies which are looking quite spectacular in their jug. From Booths and all British flowers so no air miles for these.
Mr Mog went to the doctors yesterday and has been referred to a neurologist for the twitch. The new hormone tablets are depleting his energy and he is really tied and a little low with them,I am hoping that his body gets used to them soon and he picks up.


GrannyPurple said…
That sock looks like an exotic goldfish midst the greenery!
Ursula said…
What a treat to the eyes , all that colour . Pardon me for saying i'm so pleased how the patterning is coming out on the sock . Love your knickers. Ursula xx
Probably Jane said…
A colourful post indeed - you make me quite sad that all my pants are black!

Hope Mr Mog feels better soon.
Thanks for the colourful blog today.Your weather must be better than Manchester's if you can take photos ourside in the garden.
Now I can call you a Scarlet Woman with those knickers!
I would love to be a fly on the wall when your postman calls. It's jsut so exciting opening up packages especially if you don't know what is inside them. You get exciting ones.
I am sure the hormone tablet situation will settle down and Mr Mog will be feeling a little better soon. Plus when the neurologist diagnoses the twitch there could be a solution just around the corner.
Anonymous said…
LOvely pics - you can't have too much colour in life! All those gorgeous blues and greens - your chakras must be whirring well!

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