Wonders from Wales

The marvellous trip to Wales brought forth much creativity twixt ArtisAnne and I:)
We dyed a few items in between all the laughter and talking.Here are the results. Did I tell you what a marvellous artist she is? She really inspired me to have a go at dyeing and I loved it. I loved the unknown quantity, would the colours I used turn out right?

mohair in the pan, this was some cheap mohair with acrylic and we weren't sure it would take the colours.
As you can see it did:) I wanted a misty rain on welsh mountains effect and I think we captured it perfectly, can you see the heather and the bracken in there? This will be a shawl(naturally)
Then this was some BFL I think that someone sent me a while ago. We wanted purples.
We got them:) Enough for a hat or wrist warmers this.
Sock yarn from andy at BFL.com I wanted primarys for socks for Mr Mog, the brief was bright and dazzling.
Is it dazzling enough?
I think so don't you?
Then Wye Sue heard we were having a dyeing day and sent some fleece to Anne for us both,
this is the result of a sample of it and will be a seaweed style scarf when its stitched up.
A view on the way to Anne's house, magnificent mountains.

There will be gifts to blog about but that can wait. ArtisAnne was more than generous:)


Kath said…
So glad to hear that you and Mr Mog had a good time - she does look after people doesn't she?! Some sock wool to come your way at some point soon which you may be able to overdye and have fun with! Love the colours you've achieved - the misty Welsh mountains especially - hoefully not taken from the view out of the window! LOL!!
Artis-Anne said…
Crikey thought my ears were burning twixt you two LOL
Great pics Amber although I think that sock yarn was even brighter in the flesh.
I think we were a great dyeing team and both loved the same colours.
Rosie said…
What a magical time! Adore the yarn for Mr Mog's socks and the dyed locks. I've been sent a bag of those, too, and am looking forward to transforming them with colour. Are you going to use them as fringes, or to spin them, or....?
Roobeedoo said…
Ooh! Lovely colours!
Blue Witch said…
Thank you for posting the pics. I must get on and dye some wool. I've been dyeing fabric forever, but am so hesitant about wool. I think it's because the idea of heat + wool is just so alien, especially as I make felt too.
maylin said…
Oooh love the misty mountain mohair
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see Mr Mog's yarn knitted up!

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