'Twere the moon what done it

Well it is official it was the moon that caused some/most of the depression worsening pain etc. And for Mr Mog also. Last night the moon spun over from full and wow what a difference it made.
Because the weather has been so miserable I haven't seen her for quite a few weeks and just plain forgot where in the cycle we were. Today we both woke up full of the joys, sun shining although breezy and did I say joyous?
Mr Mog is getting used to the pills, not as low or as tired. I am glad we didn't go to Derby though as the long journey late nights wouldn't have helped. Plus we are going to Wales on wednesday for a couple of days with ArtisAnn so need to be well for that. We have dyeing planned, we have fun planned:)
I took a few pictures in the garden this morning, can you tell my favourite colours I wonder?

latest water feature that Mr Mog is in the process of making accompanied by the rosemary.
Our oak and herbs
purpley/pink spiky things that I'm too lazy to go and check the name.
Nicotiana amongst the tumbler tomatoes
and again
The tomatoes are ripening although these are not as good as previous years tumblers.
our version of pagan prayer flags from my friend Elaine's shop
The lavateria is blooming well
as is the borage, the shadows remind me of a puppet show.
The bees and butterflies love the buddleia as do we for its colour and wonderful honey perfume.
these purple flowers have bloomed for weeks amongst the sage and mint
would have helped if I'd put this right way up, nasturtiums and calendula
more purples:)
the pond is looking well, we shifted an incredible amount of surface oxygenating weed last week and need to move some more I think.
the yellow loosestrife goes well with what I think may be a weed? It looks good so it stays.
Alliums among the loosestrife
feathery plumes against deep leaves
last nights moon
slowly going behind the clouds
This butterfly loved the taste of the buddleia
It was only planted late last year but thrives against the fence.

These begonias were a gift from a lady on free cycle and go well with the herbs against the stone altar


~laurie said…
Hi :) *waves* I've read your blog for a long time know i guess but i'm not sure i've ever made a comment :) Just sent good energy
Anyhow, i just wanted to let you know that some organic gardeners maintain that nicotainia and Tomatos don't 'like' each other. I do know that nicotania can have tobacco mosaic
The garden is beautiful..i'm jealous :)
Suemoon said…
Marvellous, glad you are both feeling better :-)

Blue Witch said…
I can't beleive how much you fit into your garden!

I'm too tired today to know if I feel better yet. I hope you're right about it being the moon.

I want to come and do dyeing with you...
aniexma said…
The purple/pink spikey flower looks like lupine. Very pretty, they can be used to dye cloth!
Brahdelt said…
Your garden is truly beautiful and magical. It's great you are both feeling better! *^v^*
Anonymous said…
I see the face on the fence! So glad to hear your (both of you) spirits are lifted!

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