Fact: pain = change in gauge

I found out a new fact last night. I knit much more tightly when in pain or depressed(or both).
The sock I knitted Mr Mog in the Tricot Treat yarn was a wee bit tight but he can get it on. This sock I knit with 5 extra rows in the leg and 5 extra in the foot, same problem. It fits but is a little tight to get on. Now I've knit socks for Mr Mog before using my standard sock pattern and no trouble. Ergo it is the pain and depression making the socks smaller. Must remember that. I'm not frogging it he can wear them so it isn't too much of a pain. But next time more stitches or bigger needles. Doesn't it look gorgeous though? It is the Opal Hundertwasser and it made me smile watching each colour come out:).
Bad week for both of us. Mr Mog isn't doing well on the new medication and is very low and tired. I spoke with oncologist and she suggested going back on monthly injections. However today he is a little brighter so we are going to hang on and see if he continues to improve.
Me? I've had an horrendous week pain wise and from that depression wise. Can't seem to shift the pain at all. The fact we have had rain and cold all week is a major factor though.
today's brighter weather has lifted the spirits some what.
We haven't gone to the christening, it was too far and I couldn't face it. Neither could Mr really.
We are hoping that not going will make the trip to Wales better. Get the kettle ready Anne:))
edited title as I got several weird comments:(


Rosie said…
{{{hugs for both of you}}} I knit much tighter when hurting, too. Take care and have a rgeat time with Anne. (ps I'm having a great time here trying to imagine what your rpevious title was. sorry to hear about weird comments, though!)
Ursula said…
You poor things Amber but hopefully the weather is going to improve. According to Old Moore's Almanac August is going to be hot and he's usually right. Ursula LOL
Artis-Anne said…
We are both so looking fwd to seeing you and lets hope the sun will shine for us; if not we will dye everything in the brightest of colours to cheer ourselves up :) Take care both xx
Oh I am so excited LOL
nadine said…
oh, dear. sending you gigantic hugs from your canadian friend.
The knitting companion and i both wish you well and hope that this week gets Much Better !

Loved seeing all of your photos ...
and i so love Opal yarns .... mmm.
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear of your difficult week - I hope the current good weather has helped. I'm always amazed how much of a difference sunshine makes. I hope the heat has helped your pain too.
I just love those socks - it was a joy to hear how much pleasure the emerging colours gave you!

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