Latest socks and Mr Mog update

Latest socks finished for the hospice. This one is Laal Bears Blue faced Leicester sock yarn, shade pansy. I purchased this at Woolfest from Ursula and it is wonderful. So soft and easy to knit. I recommend it:)

please notice my new heel. I have branched out, what do you think?
This is the 100% merino 4ply yarn from Doesn't it look stunning? This was my normal heel.

Mr Mog didn't get any positive news at the Oncologist, didn't get negative either though which is good. She said it was early days when I asked if the op and radiotherapy were a success. She said go and enjoy our life and not worry. He has now been prescribed hormones in tablet form instead of the monthly injections. The only down side is that the twitch in Mr Mog's face hasn't gone . It is there all the time and when he is tired it is much much worse. It is getting him down so I'm making another appointment with doctor for next week.
Not much else going on, I am still very sore from Woolfest.


Cinders said…
I love the colourway of your socks. I also knit with that heel.
I'm sorry to hear about Mr Mog. I've only just read your blog so Its new news to me. I wish him well. and I love his hand made garage fab!!
I was told the same. Enjoy yourself and don't go looking for trouble . . .

So, that is exactly what I am doing. Enjoying everything, all the time and stopping at once anything that is tedious or boring. Life is toooooooo short for such things!

Go for it Mr Mog. When was the last time you flew a kite, or played with a train set? Go on, I dare you to do it again . . . *grin*
I like the new heel on the socks.
Sorry you didn't get the really positive news that you wanted for Mr Mog but as you say it is all early days yet and at least it wasn't negative. It's probably too soon to tell yet so tell Mr Mog chin up and keep positive.
maylin said…
Where on earth did you find the time to knit those socks?

The oncologist sounds wise - enjoy life - what good advice. The twitch sounds really annoying; I have a droopy left eyelid that is worse when I am tired and it is really annoying. I keep rubbing it - like a loose tooth you can't help worrying with your tongue. I hope something can be sorted to help. Would a face massage maybe help?
Roobeedoo said…
"Go and enjoy life and not worry"? Easier said than done if you are feeling tired and low! I hope you both regain your energies soon. Your socks are fab as usual!

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