Les femmes-the latest and the postie brought yarn:)

I have been visited by the muse the past few days as you can see. These ones are different again to the last ones, well some are. For some reason the muse wanted patchwork:) The silvery/grey haired elemental named herself coventina from the ancient British goddess of wells.TAKEN
mixed in with the femmes, because I am on the laptop and it doesn't want to put my pictures in order, we have yarn. These gorgeous skeins came from Caecelia at the Wool Clip and have a delightful pattern with them. Thanks Cae:))
they were accompanied by these girls gazing into the sunset.
I ordered this from Andy at Blue faced .com for my dyeing trip to see Artis Anne in Wales.
This came from a rav friend for my sock appeal:)
Back to the femmes and piscea is sitting by the pool. You will notice the pool is covered with green stuff, in fact the entire pond is absolutely vivid green with oxygenating stuff.
The Goddess of Air Arianrhod dances among the plants by the pool.
Firey femme loved the ferns TAKEN
Earth found the golden marjoram exceedingly comfortable. TAKEN
Autumn shows the tomato fruits ripening in one of the baskets.

This water spirit found the rosemary just to her taste. TAKEN
This femme brought her drop spindle along with her TAKEN
as did this air dancer.
This Taurean femme has a machine embroidered outfit with many layers, they reflect her creativity TAKEN

Sagittarius loved the lungwort as she enjoyed using them in her herbal remedies.
As always if any speak to you message me, they can be yours if you wish.


Lovely yarns.
I'd like to know more about the red firey femme. I was drawn to her. What does that mean?
Crobbles said…
Another beautiful set of Femmes.
Sagittarius also draws my eye like Craftydramqueen. Red is another favourite colour of mine also I am a Saggitarean.
My elemental sits in front of me on my desk and gazes at me on a daily basis.
I am definitely going to stalk your postman. he brings you so many lovely goodies in the post.
Juli said…
Gotta love the femmes! :) The fiery femme is my favorite! Gorgeous shade of red, and attitude to go with it! :)
aniexma said…
Oooo, I do love Coventina. She's exactly what I want to be if I ever grow up. Could she be swapped for sock yarn? Please let me know.
Blue Witch said…
I just love the way you photograph the Elementals.

Your basket tomotoes are doing much better than ours!
Probably Jane said…
A glorious bevy of beauties.

Would the drop spindler like to trade places with some mohair?
Anonymous said…
I love the Taurean Femme! They are all so beautiful! I may be able to do a trade as well if your up to it? Handspun?

Oh and I am a Taurus!

Beth (big geek)
noricum said…
I came here from aniexma's blog... what wonderful little spirits!

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