bits and bobs, 1rav tshirt left .

Nothing much to write today I still feel bleurgh:(
Firstly the krafy koala colour is neon rainbow for those who asked.
We had visitors yesterday and I felt really rough most of the day, very sore and headachey. Didn't help with enjoying having guests but never mind. Got some more done on the blue sock and the purple mixed shawl. Hope to finish sock today and start second pansy sock from Laal Bears yarn.
I have one of the ravelry/woolfest t shirts left if anyone is interested? unbleached cotton size medium. Last one as Elaine will be doing new design for next years woolfest.
Off to do more knitting


I hope that you are feeling better now. I know that you like visitors so would be upset at not feeling your best.
Crobbles said…
Hope you're feeling better soon :-) Hugs to you and Mr. Mog.

I'll have the Tshirt, if you think it will fit me.

I like the heel on the latest socks. I tend to do 'eye of the partridge' stitch on my sock heels as it gives them a squishy thickness. I have just finished my first pair that I am going to keep for ME! Wooho... it's with Jeni's wonderous self striping yarn.

((((( Hugs))))))
Artis-Anne said…
So sory to hear you are feeling yucky, must be something in the air . I too am not too great since we came home but then thats the norm ; plus my jab dosen't help either, just so wiped out !!.
Great pics of Woolfest , seems like an age ago now; can't wait until our next meet up :)Will ring you this week

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