Thank you:)and finished socks plus a request.

Thank you for all the kind comments. Today is a little better. I've made an appointment for Mr Mog with the doctor for tomorrow. I'm going with him as I am a little(VBG) pushier than him at getting things done. It is distressing him having this constant twitch in his face and getting him down. That in turn upsets me because I can't make it better.
I do think some of his depression could also be the new hormone tablets, he has been on them for a week now so they will probably be kicking in I think.

I've finished another pair of socks for the hospice year of socks.

This was Martas yarns 100% merino 4ply and isn't the colour gorgeous?

I've also started another pair for July. The yarn is Laal Bears sock yarn.

Don't know the colourway yet but it reminds me of love hearts or refresher sweets. How about you? It is really soft and springy to knit with and the colour is very cheery.
One or two of my readers and friends have suggested an idea or two for the sock yarn I am using for my year of socks.
Firstly if anyone wants any yarn tested I'll be honoured to do so especially if you donate the finished socks to my hospice year of socks.
Secondly I'm having a raffle as from now
Anyone who donates to the sock appeal will be entered into a free draw. The winner will receive a specially made long mohair shawl in the colours of their choice. How about that?
Anyone want to help the hospice year of socks please?
thanks again


I think that you are right to be a bit pushier with the docs. I try to be assertive but they still overawe me and seem to walk all over me as you know from my recent events.
The hormones do take quite a while to actually work in the system. It has taken a couple of months for mine (HRT) to come out of my system.
Good Luck with the docs Mr Mog.
Angelcat said…
The colours in that new yarn you are using are gorgeous.
Aknita said…
I am behind with my blog reading for which I apologise - I need more days in my week please.

I guess no news is good news for now - but you are right to go along and be assertive with your GP.

All things being equal I have a holiday coming up, I have one project lined up, but I'll more than happily knit a pair of socks for you - any particular size or will a UK ladies size 7 be ok.

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