Wool Clip, spinning guild and bags

Yesterday was our final guild meeting before Yule.
I was hoping to be well enough to attend and thankfully I managed it. We didn't stay all day but really enjoyed ourselves. The guild has a wealth of skills within it and there were people spinning, weaving, knitting and nuno felting. Everyone brought food to share and there was a great variety on offer to eat. From prawns and salmon to veggie to meat based and as for the desserts chocolate roulade, tarts, vanilla cream and much more. It was a beautiful frosty day and everywhere had the glisten of icicles.

Cecilia was spinning some sock fibre in a luscious heathery pink you can just see the colour if you click on the picture.
There were a good crowd of us, this shows one view.
Mr Mog was spinning merino, when he wasn't drinking tea:)
Cecilia is a member of the Wool Clip which is a cooperative of crafts people based on Caldbeck Fell , for anyone who hasn't been there do check back on my older posts and you will see some of the stunning work they produce. A great place to visit and some lovely work to purchase. There is also a yummy tea room on the floor above. Sadly due to the floods in Cumbria things have been very quiet lately and I am not sure everyone knows that these super places are open and would love to see you. Not just the Wool Clip but the rest of Cumbria. Do come and visit, you won't be sorry. You can always take home some handspun yarn, fibre, knitted items and much more.
Mr Mog and I always enjoy visiting, the food is a bonus:)
When we were at spinning group last time I wanted somewhere to keep all the bits of fluff and felted fibre that come off the tops as you spin, after all you can't just throw them on the floor:)
I decided to make us both a dainty bag to hang on the wheel.
Here you see the results.
Both made from my own hand dyed yarn, remains from an Elsewhere jacket and a shawl.
Here you can see how they look on the wheel.

This top one was my first attempt and I didn't quite get the handle how I wanted.
The blue/purple came out much better.
Plain knitting and then thrown in the washing machine with Mr Mog's jeans.

What do you think?


How fabbie ~ I love your little bags! :)
Erica said…
What a wonderful addition for your wheel :)
Your guild's holiday meeting looks like it was fun! And your wee wool baggies are a great idea!
Blue Witch said…
Your Guild looks *exactly* like mine, even down to the hall!

Sadly I forgot to attend the FOTCR™ party of ours on Saturday as it was a week earlier than normal and I wasn't sensible enough to check the calendar...

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