Hospice knitting 2009, the total + solstice giveaway

I thought you might like to see the grand total of items going to the hospice this year. They will be going to St Catherine's hospice this time.

Do you want to know the totals?
There are 17 pairs of socks, 2 hats, 1 cowl, 2 scarves and 6 shawls or wraps. Enough to keep the patients and their families warm I think. This is the third year of knitting for the hospice and not the last.
Wonder what I should knit next year?
Many thanks again to all the very kind people who donated yarn for this project it has been much appreciated.

On to the Solstice giveaway, I thought you would like to see the prizes.
One very warm snuggly shawl and a pin to hold it closed.
1 skein of my very first hand spun, Falkland yarn and enough for a hat, gloves or cowl. Maybe even socks.
The winner will be announced on the Winter Solstice, Monday. I'll get Mr Mog to draw a name from the comments this month.


Lynn said…
Amber, You are an inspiration to all of us with your charitable work. Compassion for others when you have so much on your own plate, inspires me to begin my own knitting for others. The Solstice shawl is amazing as are all of your creations. Lynn
Penny said…
I'm so impressed by your charity knitting! It's actually really inspiring :)
Mel said…
How wonderful!! I've promised myself to have enough made to donate to a similar charity next winter -- just being a newbie and all, I'm a bit slow -- but I so look forward to being able to spread the warmth with my humble creations...

Yvonne said…
17 pairs of socks from the person who told me she couldn't knit them! Well done!!
Dominique said…
keep up the good work!
Roobeedoo said…
Another great year! It is amazing how steady knitting mounts up!
Artis-Anne said…
Gosh when did you get the time to do all of these ? Amazing ,well done you
Anonymous said…
Well done on all the work you have done. I love your Winter Solstice shawl as well.


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