Spinning pictures and new boots

As promised pictures of the spun yarn now it is dry. Firstly the Yarn Yard Shetland fibre. I spun 300 yards out of 100gm so I am very pleased with this:) I love the feel of the Shetland and the colours are very subtle.

Secondly the fabulous glittery batt from Laal Bear, I spun 320 yards from this which is the finest I've managed to spin:) Pictures don't really show the glitter but it is there.
This was some Winghams red merino that I wanted to try thick and thin spinning, I plied it with rayon thread.
This I can't remember the name of, I know it is Falklands though. I've forgotten the yardage it will be somewhere written down but my brain is not working today sorry.
The statutory picture of them all together:)
Then as the title said I received some new boots today.
I asked Tracey to make them mismatched again as I love my first pair.

What do you think? Too subtle perhaps?

As you can see they don't match.

They are comfortable though.
Last night was even worse then previous nights, I felt so ill I didn't manage much sleep at all. The antibiotics will take a little while to work I know so it is a pajama day today.


Vicky said…
Those boots are gorgeous - and the spinning too, of course ;-)

Hope you feel better soon.
CJ said…
I love your boots. Feel better
Those boots KICK ASS!!! Hope the antibiotics do their job soon.
Roobeedoo said…
I saw those boots on your Ravelry avatar and wondered if they were new! WOW!
rho said…
love the boots - I think they match just fine - but then I am the one who feels socks match if they have the same pattern or have a color in common in them - just something that ties them together

feel better quickly now that you have the meds
Sea said…
both boots and yarn look good.
clarabelle said…
The boots are fab: you'll certainly get noticed! And hope you feel better very soon. X
Blue Witch said…
Wonderful yarn, but I don't like the all-colours together photo today!

I want to take a shoemaking course. Not traditional stuff like heels and work shoes though (whcih is what most courses seem to be). I cannot find one anywhere. Does your lady offer courses?
Mel said…
LOVE the boots!! They're fab!

Feel better soon...

Dorothy said…
Beautiful boots, do I hear them calling out for handspun socks to match? ;)

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