Of this and that and giveaways.

The lurgy still lingers and is worse if anything. I rang the surgery today because I can feel it has gone on my chest, after many years of flu etc turning into pleurisy and other chest infections I know my own body and I know when I have to seek extra help.
Now bear in mind all the notices in the doctors regarding swine flu etc and not coming into the surgery. I telephoned to get a prescription for antibiotics, Got told the triage nurse would ring. This was 8am, 9.40 no call so I rang back. "Oh she has not yet started" Was told she would ring after 11.30/ Almost noon came a call, and after explaining the symptoms and how the change in temperature makes me cough more, I have to go in at tea time for appointment. Wonder how they know it isn't swine flu? Obviously not bothered I'll be infectious are they?

Enough of the whinging:) These pictures are of the park recently and then sheep and knitting to tempt you to read further. Yes I know you could scan ahead but you won't will you?
The park is looking lovely in its winter plumage, some of it bare trees but some like the bamboo above still very much green and lush. The way the stems are I think something sleeps in here.

Then the pheasant berry or Chinese nutmeg always looks at its best this time of year. The mixture of flowers and berries remind me of the decorations in my nanny's hat:) Where we used to live the pheasants loved this time of year and were always helping themselves to berries. There was always a deep blood red stain under the bushes where berries fell and were trampled.
This little fellow was meandering along the path enjoying the winter sunshine. He obviously wasn't ready for total hibernation yet.
Neither was he at all bothered by our presence, his nose to the ground looking for food.
Despite the faded glory of many of the trees, lots of them also had new growth on show. A link between decay and life, new growth ready to blossom come the warmer days.
Isn't it lovely when you get the place to yourselves? Although not long after these pictures were taken we were surrounded by dogs and their owners going walkies.
This little chap and many of his relations were busy looking for food, a long while since we have seen so many in one day.
I love the flow of oak leaves across the bench, stopping for a while before resuming their flight on the wind.
Even the chestnut had big fat buds on show.
Don't you like the idea of the moss colonising the concrete here? Threads travelling along meeting up with others as they travel.
Then I did say knitting I believe? Here you see the first sock from my own hand spun, I am so proud of it, like a new parent showing off her baby in the pram:) It reminds me of sock yarns like regia etc with their painted panels but also the colours are very reminiscent of Noro don't you think?

A close up of the garter stitch heel, notice that there aren't(many) visible lumpy bits.
We also have a new sheep joining the moggie homestead. Our last tea cosy is around 10 years old and getting a little sad now. This seemed like the perfect replacement.
Haven't they got cheeky faces?
Now on to the giveaway. I'm giving away 1 skein of hand spun, spun by moi and 1 shawl to celebrate the winter Solstice. If you would like to win leave a comment before 21st December.
Haven't decided if it is 2 prizes or both to one person yet.
Pictures of what you can win in another post. This is by way of being a thank you for reading my meanderings:)


Artis-Anne said…
lovely pics of your walk and i love the ltlle hedghog. We don't get them in this garden sadly but I was well used to them in our old one. Great socks well done you and would you believe iton my last pair of handspuns socks (finished last week)I too did a garter heel . So whats amazing about that ? I never do garter heels !!!
bee*in*the*balm said…
lovely pictures, hope you feel better soon!
Penny said…
That is the best tea cosy I've ever seen! I hope you're better soon! :)
I enjoyed all the greenery in your photos. We've got a foot of snow here. I hope you don't have swine flu, it's nasty.
clarabelle said…
Your handspun sock is beautiful, Amber, and I love all your nature photos. X
Lynn said…
Amber, I wish I could actually see a hedgehog in nature sometime. They all seem to have such sweet faces. Also love the socks. Bought some lovely yarn the other day for my first pair, but it will have to wait till after the holidays for mhy first attempt.
deepseaknits said…
What a beautiful sock!
Rosie said…
Hope you're feeling much better soon, amber. And the sock is utterly gorgeous.
I am SO envious of your handspun for socks, Amber. Try as I may, I can't get down to the required thinness (maybe if I practised a little more instead of expecting it to come right first time?)

And congratulations on seeing Mr. Tiggy Winkle. I haven't seen a bold broad daylight one in years so you were blessed.

Love from West Cork.
Mel said…
OH!! I just lingered for ages on the wee hedgehog -- we don't have them here, you see......I would love to see such a creature while out rambling!!!

I'd love to put my name in for the skein of handspun....being all shawled-up and everything ;)

I do hope you're feeling better...


PS. Did you ever get my package? I cheated and just slapped a whack of stamps on instead of going to the PO so hopefully it got there....*worried frown*

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