The lurgy continues apace

I'm delightfully perfumed with eau de eucalyptus oil, who needs Lush Karma when you can smell so wonderful with oil? I'm afloat with hot lemon drinks and added occasional spoons of honey, dosed up with paracetamol and still snotty:(
Another dreadful night, not much sleep and violent temperature changes. I slept almost upright to see if that would keep the stuff off my chest, it has at the minute. I don't know what hurts more as of course having this makes my other health stuff worse, well it would wouldn't it?
I have had a very short trip out to get fresh air and then home again. I am a firm believer that some fresh air helps , at the least as my nanny used to say it blows away cobwebs.
Not a day for doing much I shall retire back to my hot water bottle and latest book.


Get well soon!
Sea said…
Get well soon, I hope the book is entertaining, but not too heavy, nothing worse than trying to keep pace with a complicated story when your head is full of a cold.
Wibbo said…
Hope you feel better soon, Amber!
mandycharlie said…
Me and you both, I'm just able to breath a little easier and the antibiotics seem to be fighting the lung infection. Its a rotten time of year to be poorly isn't it?

Glad your feeling better.
Oh you poor thing! Just catching up on blogs, haven't had tome to spit lately :o)
I do hope you feel better soon hun.
Keep wrapped up warm and keep taking the lemon and paracetamol.
I did plan on ringing at the weekend, but somehow dont know where the days went!
I'll ring you a little later in the week when you are perhaps feeling a lttle bit better. Sending you warm fuzzy healing light hun.
Love Sue xxx
Mama Rose said…
Do get well soon!
Blue Witch said…
I'm now addicted to eucalyptus oil. I think it could be more addictive than cocaine. Not that I've tried the latter, but...

Hope you're on the mend soon.
Roobeedoo said…
Get well soon!

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