Winter Solstice snow grows deeper

Despite the wheel turning towards the light, or because of it maybe, we have more snow here. We think around 6-8 inches fell overnight.
It makes everywhere look very festive
Who needs lights on a tree when you can have snow instead?
It is the crisp snow that we have, not the slushy stuff.

Very beautiful to look at but not easy for travelling. Getting out of the drive and up to the main road was dicey, the main roads were ok as long as you stayed in the parts already driven on. We had to go out to drop some things off with a friend, it couldn't wait and we wanted to see her anyway. We also took the opportunity to meet up with my son and give him his Christmas gifts. For yet another year both Mr Mog and I have gifts from him. He hasn't grasped the concept of wrapping them but he thought of us and that is all that matters.
Now BW this picture is for you. I was going to take a shawl and a cloak out for the Lord and Lady but as you can see they provided their own wraps.
Completely untouched by human hand.
Our tree was laden with snow blossoms
The railway and dragon's hoard corner are well hidden with the blanket of snow.

This is the view from our front door this morning. Now at 4pm it is just the same, the only difference a few tyre marks.
The creeping juniper is all but covered as you can see.
We have bought food for Christmas Day in case we are unable to go to our friends and stay. If we do manage to travel it will stand us in good stead for Boxing Day and beyond.
I've finished wrapping Mr Mog's gifts bar one which is not quite finished. I think I may go and spin for a while.


There's nothing more beautiful than freshly-fallen snow! Until you start shovelling, then you curse its very existence.
Blue White said…
Sorry about the snow... I can't seem to get the spell to stop...
Leanne said…
Hi Nice to meet you!
I've enjoyed reading through your blog.
LOVE your shawls & you have inspired me to knit one.
Can you recommend a pattern please.

Love Leanne NZ
aniexma said…
HeeHee! You have more snow than we do! I suspect that will all change shortly.
Sea said…
It is much better to either walk in the snow...or sit by the fire and appreciate. After driving to Galgate, Catterall, Forton, Lancaster then Asda, and taking around 1 and 1/2 hours to get off Asda car park...I'd sooner walk, where possible in this weather..or horse drawn transport anyone?

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