Happy New year on a full Blue Moon

Taken at 6.30pm this evening and what a glorious full moon it is. It is very frosty here and there is a veritable rainbow of colour around the moon as I look from the window.
It is a lunar eclipse as well so even more magical an evening methinks:)
We visited the hospice today to donate my year of knitted items, now it is on to year four of hospice knitting:)
As this year draws to a close I wish you all a healthy, happy creative new year.


Sea said…
Have you decided on what you are knitting for 2010 yet? For the hospice.
Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mog too!
Wibbo said…
Happy New Year, Amber :o)
Blue Witch said…
Wasn't it beautiful? So big and so bright. Slight icing-sugar dusting of snow in the night and an amazing dawn. Very cold though - shall freeze in Mi1dred today!

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