My first handspun socks:)

I finished knitting my first pair of socks using my own hand spun yarn. I am very proud of these:)
The fibre was organic Falkland tops purchased in a Rav destash. It is dyed by Mandacrafts and sold in her Etsy store.
These are for a Yule gift:) The colour changes remind me a little of Noro yarn but of course I don't tie knots in and add a completely different colour change as Noro do. The colour is Heather and it does remind me of hillsides full of heather.
I also finished some spinning. This is also Mandacrafts Falkland fibre, colourway purples. There is 194gm here and I spun 599 yards from it.A little better than double knit thickness I think? I love it and I don't yet know what it will be knit as, watch this space.
We have still got a white skating rink for a road but the main roads are now all but clear. Hope it stays like this for Christmas day as we are invited to friends a little distance from here.


Lynn said…
Amber, These socks make look like they would be wonderful for cold toes. The color is beautiful and so is the new yarn. You are a wonder everyday. Whoever receives the socks will LOVE them.
Nettles said…
they are so pretty! Those colours are deliciously soft and cosy looking.

Have a very happy Christmas Amber!
Roobeedoo said…

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