WIPs, and the lurgy

No pictures today, can't be bothered because I've got the dreaded lurgy. burning itchy throat, headaches, sinuses you name it if its neck up I've got it:( My nose is a little like Rudolph's today.
However I have been knitting. Quelle surprise:)
A tea cosy from the knitty pattern
I'm using kureyon and I love it:) Will be finished shortly, bar icord so hopefully pictures tomorrow . I think I'll make a tea cosy hat for next one. I don't like bases in tea cosies because they always seem to go manky after a while. But its a change from socks isn't it?
I'm also making some secret thingies, pictures when they are finished and on their way to the recipients.
Now I think I will shuffle off back to the couch with my hanky


maylin said…
Oh poor Amber! Just what you need... not.

I am so impressed with all your sock knitting! If you are still looking for sock pins I can thoroughly recommend the Knitpick Harmony Dpns. I got some for Christmas and just love them. they can be got from Get Knitted.

Love to you nd Mr Mog
Crobbles said…
I fancy that tea cosy. Knitty is such a wonderful resource. I love Kureyon. Which colour-way are you using?
Hope you are feeling better soon. Keep yourself and Mr. Mog cosy.
Elle said…
Hope you feel better very soon. I heartily recommend lemon tea with honey. Very soothing.
Get well soon :) Knitting cures all!
The day that you stop knitting then I will truly be worried about your health! get well soon and try not to breathe on Mr Mog
Artis-Anne said…
Oh poor you I do hope that you are soon better,keep warm and enjoy your knitting. The tea cosy looks good but I have to agree I think I would rather it bottomless ;-)
Take care Amber
Oh and have you tried an infusion of sage for your sore throat ?
Artis-Anne said…
Back again :)looked at my book and it said for sore throat try mixing a Sage tea with apple cider vinegar and salt for gargling. I have used fresh leaves for a herbal tea and it does help.
Thyme is good for throats too. I think this was coming on for a while, Amber - you've been plundering your own energy for Mr. Mog.

Lots of good strength coming your way.
FairiesNest said…
"dreaded lurgy: :) I always do salt water gargles for colds and an herb tea called throat coat...marsh mallow and slippery elm...good stuff! I hope you're feeling better soon!

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