pictures for St David's day

first picture is Beltaine shawl. It is actually more orangey red than the image shows. Also twice the size now:)
first sock of Lana Grossa MEILENWEIT , love the colours in this:)
finished mandarin cake for Mothers day although we did have to try it and verdict is better than clementine cake.
A slice for you? on yellow plate for St David's day
first start with 6 eggs
add 4 mandarins that have been simmered slowly for 2 hours first. Liquidise these together. Then add 250gm ground almonds and 225gm brown sugar. I use raw cane demerera to this add 1 teaspoon baking powder Mix together with a spoon,
pour into lined springform pan. Cook 1 hour and eat.
Not sure if I put finished sock picture on and too lazy to check as I am awaiting cup of tea from Mr Mog. This is the posh lucia colourway dune. Gifted by Kerrie at Hipknits and the most glorious soft yarn to knit with:)


Yum to that cake! The yarn for your shawl looks so nice, and the socks are nice too.
MargaretR said…
Thanks for the St David's Day greetings. I hope Mr Mog's treatment is going well?
Blue Witch said…
A wheat-free cake, excellent! Must try this one, thanks for the recipe.

Hope you've had a lovely MD - having (vicariously) been through a similar detox preocess with a friend, I know how such a gesture from your Son must feel. Glad he's got to that point.
Roobeedoo said…
Ooh - that cake sounds amazing! And the dune sock makes me think of spring - lovely!

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