Daffodils and a miscellany:)

Drinking - Hot chocolate whilst nibbling on mandarin cake
Admiring the snow that fell in seconds and is disappearing just a little slower
Fifth day of treatment done with for Mr Mog:)
Finishing the second lucia sock
Ordering some more DPNs when I can find some I like
Dyeing some felt for some more elementals
Inventing reasons not to leave this warm room
Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Deva Premal and Katie Melua
Spending way too long thinking of words to fit the flower:))

Fun though isn't it?

Well 5th day over for radiotherapy and n horrendous journey this morning. Morecambe is having majot roadworks on the main road in and out so diversions on. This meant that even at 6.45am this morning traffic was building up. When we were almost ready to leave motorway for the hospital we suddenly went from dry road into a couple of inch or more of slushy snow and hail, quite scary as no one else seemed to want to slow down at all. 2 miles on, nothing but we did get a really heavy hail/snow storm this lunch time. Its all gone now. Hoping that roads are clear for tomorrows hospital trip. The cake was from a Nigella recipe forgot to say, I just changed the clementines to mandarins. My nan used to do a very similar cake but added a tot of rum. Really brought out the flavour and was quite marmalady. All recipes seem to come round in various guises, like all things really.
Anyone got any suggestions for good saxophone music to listen to? I love blues with a saxophone very sexy tone to it and would love to hear of any you like.
Daffodils are sprouting all over now. The ones we put in tubs in October have all come out and are flowering their heads off, bless them:)
Had a great book from the library which sadly has to go back tomorrow. Getting started knitting socks, Ann Budd. Think I'll have to try and find it online noone on ravelry has it for sale or trade. Some really good pictures and step by steps. Once this lucia sock is finished I am going to try toe up I think:))
Mr Mog is getting on wonderfully with the dolls house/garage for our youngest grandsons birthday in 3 weeks. Will put some pictures up when it is finished , it is quite the thing:)


Aknita said…
I hope the weather is kind to you tomorrow - and the traffic too. Your cake looks good enough to eat too ;)

Your shawl is in the post.
Roobeedoo said…
Sax? I LOVE Grover Washington Junior - and would particularly recommend "Come Morning" or "Winelight". Very smooth sound - if you like soul and fender rhodes electric paino, this is the one for you! Stanley Turrentine is fab too, but I can't name an album (they stayed with the ex in London!)
Deborah said…
bulbs have just emerged from their winter slumber here in New Jersey. Hopefully, we'll have flowers in a few weeks before we get our late spring snow storm!

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