Happy St Patrick's Day

Hope youa re all having a good St Patrick's Day. A sad one for me as it is the day my favourite uncle died last year:( Also the day my gran died although that was some 37 years ago now, not that the time makes it better. It doesn't seem 12 months since we were travelling down from Scotland to say out goodbyes and so much has happened since then. His death was one of the reasons prompting our move back nearer to family. The long journey down while he spent the months in hospital and subsequently at home. Then the fact we couldn't just pop round to visit, it had to be a mjor undertaking. Add to that my daughter, son and my grandsons, all ties that called us home. Then of course not long after the move Mr Mog had his tests and we found out he had cancer. Such a hectic year in many respects. But tonight Uncle I'll drink a glass to your memory, may you be at peace and pain free where ever you may be now and may you feel the love being sent from all your family on this day.
So my dears what have you been up to this weekend? I finally (fingers crossed) shook off the remnants of the flu, Mr Mog had 2 awful days but today he too seems on the mend. He has completed 15 of his treatments now.
We didn't go further than the beacheither day and that for only a short stroll.
I did knit though:) Quelle surprise:)
I'm around half way on the beltaine shawl. I won't show pictures of it until I'm finished if you don't mind.
I did however make a tiny pair of socks in a beautiful fiery yarn, name unknown as there was a small ball with no ball band. I have enough left for a second pair of toddler socks I think.
I've also done more on the regia rainbow socks and while not as bright as the socks for Mr Mog I think these are a wee bit more genteel:)))
Tomorrow, or next post is the biggie 500 posts on this here blog. I'm working on a suitable prize for the winner so watch this space:)


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