my 500th post today and in celebration I'm holding a little contest. goodies to be seen above for the winner.
1/ A 50gm skein of Lornas laces Shepherd sock approx 215 yards 80% superwash wool 20% nylon. Colour is Gold Hill.
2/ A 50gm skein of mohair boucle from the natural dye studio. Colour unknown as I've lost the label.
3/ pair of Addi 10mm needles with shiny tips.
4/ 4 stitch markers

What do you have to do? Very easy leave a comment on the blog with your favourite yarn recommendations.
Winner to be picked randomly by Mr Mog on Sunday.

On to other things now. I finished my rainbow sock last night and although I love the colours I don't like the regia sock yarn itself. It splits terribly which makes for slow knitting.
My firey socks BTW, 40 stitches on 2mm needles. can't remember how many rows except that heel was 20 stitches 20 rows, I basically just winged it and then winged the second while trying it against the other for size. Who'd have thought it hey? The moggie winging it on socks:)) Next pair of baby socks I'll try and write down what I do.
Mr Mog is now half way through his treatment and doing very well. I'm keeping him busy of course so no time to dwell on stuff.. He has finished the dolls house/garage for our grandsons birthday on Saturday and will no doubt be uploading pictures to his new blog shortly.


Chris said…
I'm glad to hear Mr Mog's treatment is going well! And I love your stripey sock - do you have any duller needles around? Addi Turbos would probably reduce the splitting...

Hmm. Favorite yarn. This varies by day! :) I love Brooks Farm Four Play wool/silk blend. For sock yarn, I love Meilenweit for sturdy socks and my own hand-dyed sock yarns, too.
Congratulations to Mr Mog on finishing his garage. You are a whizz winger of socks.
The rainbow socks look great. Really colourful.
I thought I was knitting fast with my double knit sock and then discovered 2 mistakes on the lace! I am obviously not in your league Mrs Mog.
I have no favourite yarn to recommend for socks as I am such a novice knitter of footwear that at the moment I am knitting with any kind of wool. When I perfect the sock technique then I will splash out on some nice yarn.
Marianne said…
Oh, I love Evelyn Clark's shawl patterns!

Hmmmm... yarn recommendations... for what?
I love Jamieson&Smith shetland for colourwork...
Probably my all time favourite is Peace Fleece... LOVE that yarn!
Rosie said…
Congratulations on your 500th post. I love your blog. and what a cheerful-looking sock. glad Mr Mog's treatment is progressing well.

favourite yarn recommendations? hmm, at the moment I'm totally smitten with some 4-ply lambswool that comes from Texere on cones (and which I dye myself) it is wonderfully soft. I', also a huge fan of Twilleys Freedom Spirit (dk) as the colours are scrumptious and it felts really well. But it now comes in standard ball-shaped packages rather than the cake shaped ones it used to have and it no longer says "made in England", (I know Ramsdend's/Twilleys no longer use UK spinners) so it may not be of the same quality...
Wye Sue said…
Well done both for being so productive - must check out the garage...

As for favourite yarn, it would have to be purple or green ;-)
And I'm very drawn to a cashmere and silk mix at the moment (available soon from Knitwitches ...)
And if pushed there might be some handspun in there as well...

Can you tell I cant make up my mind !!
KnitMoka said…
Love the socks! Verry glad to hear that Mr. Mog is doing well, also.

I'm really digging Noro Sock yarn at the moment! It's so hard to just name one yarn.

Blessed Ostara!
Anonymous said…
Happy 500th Post

where do I start? HAHAHA

My favorite yarns have to be Wollmeise - the colors just jump out at you
Dream In Color Classy and Smooshy - I love working with both of these - they are incredible to work with
Anything Alpaca
and Lissu Yarns/Unique Sheep - can you say YUM!!!
Keep it going Mr Mog! And when you're down in Glasto next time perhaps we can meet up Mrs M? More likely than me getting Up Country at the moment *le sigh*

As for yarn ~ well, I've got some rather yummy alpaca waiting in the wings for me to build up enough confidence to start a Stitch Diva pattern. And I'm also knitting with some gorgeous bamboo yarn right now too. Decisions, decisions . . . *smile*
well done on 500 and wishing you many more.....I really like the Trekking XXL(that's what I did the Amelie Mauresmo socks in)....lovely to work with and loads left over at the end, even having made quite long legs. Also love Lorna's Laces(not just saying that/grin/).......everything about it: the feel, the look in the skein, the way it knits up, the colours......ah, yarn porn! ;)
ikkinlala said…
Congratulations on 500 posts!

I don't have a favourite yarn - I like most of the nicer yarns I've tried. If pressed, I would choose the Spunky Eclectic sock yarn that I'm knitting with right now... but it could change by tomorrow.
Roobeedoo said…
My splitty problems have ceased since knitting with Boyes "precision point" needles. Worth a try? I got mine from Ebay, but the Yarn yard stocks one size - in lots of colours!
Yarn recommendations?
For softness I have been impressed by organic aran-weight from both PoshYarn and Hipknits.
For socks, Fleece Artist Sea Wool was delicious to handle and is proving to be very hard-wearing and soft underfoot. Lornas Laces is lovely! And most recently I have been impressed by Online Supersocke for a combination of strength, reasonable softness and fantastic strong colours. And I have to mention el cheapo St Ives for "man-socks": good stitch definition, heathery colours, very strong and washes into a soft firm fabric.
LizzieK8 said…
My fav is anything at Ray has nice yarn and he'll dye it up in any colorway I can imagine at no extra charge!
Traceyleezle said…
Happy 500th! That's quite a milestone and you should be very proud.

Because I love color, color, and more color, I would have to say my favorite yarn is Socks That Rock, any weight. I just love the amazing colorways and how saturated they are.
Traceyleezle said…
Oh and I would love to see the pics of the doll house and garage. Do you have a link?
Turtle said…
Happy 500th post!

Those rainbow socks look dizzying on-line, but i like them!!

I love yarn in general, not too many have passed my fingers that i didn't like. But a few fav's? Artyarns supermerino, knits well and love the color blends....i am also loving the new organic cotton from Blue Sky, so soft! And is it Cascade yarns 220? (i always forget it's name) just a good yarn in general. I really like trying new yarns though, especially sock yarn, lol, not meaning to suck up seriously, but i love knitting socks and new different sock yarns are like candy to me! Enjoy your weekend!
Craftybernie said…
Ooh I love love love the seascape shawl. Actually, all of Ms Clarke's shawls are beautiful!

I'm currently in love with N's merino/tencel yarn and also bamboo sock yarn from Yarnaddict. Can't bring myself to knit with them though as they're just so strokeable!

Glad to hear you're both doing well and that Mr Mog is half way through the treatment.

I imagine your grandson will be beside himself when he sees the dollshouse/garage! Can't wait to see piccies.

Have a lovely Easter, Bernie.
Olga said…
Happy blogaversy! May you have many many more! I always and forevah love me some Noro!
Anonymous said…
Happy 500th post! That's quite an accomplishment!

I love Green Mountain Spinnery's yarns, especially Cotton Comfort and Sylvan Spirit.
teabird said…
I second the request to see the dollhouse! Of course I'm happy to hear he's doing well.

Favorite yarn - has to be anything Roxanne makes at Zen Yarn Garden. Check out the Art Club yarns - they are delicious.

teabird / Ravelry
Anonymous said…
Really great socks especially the dinky ones. Best wishes to Mr Mogg.
My yarn recommendation is Lei (Bamboo & Silk) by Posh Yarns. It was a dream to knit with and the stitch definition is fantastic. Actually, anything by Posh is fab, and knitting with it really cheers me up at the moment.

Diane said…
I'm glad Mr Mogg is half way thru his treatment.

My yarn recommendation is any brand of Alpaca. Makes anything you knit wonderful.
Congrats. Can't wait to see Mr Mog's creation. The rainbow socks are lovely.
I love Natural Dye Studio alpaca and, of course, Posh Yarn. I have several skeins of both, mainly in green, in my stash just waiting for the perfect project.
5elementknitr said…
I'm a fiend for anything soft and hand-dyed! I can't get enough sock yarn and I haven't made a single sock... yet....
Christy B. said…
I gotta say anything by Hand Maiden or Fleece Artist gets kudos for the color. Just simply incredible. Also I love Fiesta Yarns. Just too many to choose from!!!
helenlam said…
Congrats on hitting the big 500! I've been into the pigeonroof studios yarn recently...great sock yarn!
sarah said…
My current favourite is Fyberspates sock yarn.
I'm with you on the regia as my current wip is a pair of socks using the aforementioned yarn and it's constant splitting is driving me crazy.
Glad to hear mr mog is responding well to treatment.
Emily said…
Oh, I love those rainbow socks. Very fun.

My yarn recommendations:
I love Koigu KPPPM for socks. Gorgeous colorways.
I also love Noro Kureyon. Also for the beautiful colors.
Sharon Rose said…
HandMaiden Sea Silk... Tilli Thomas Voile de Mer... I'm really into silk right now. :)
Yarnhog said…
My favorites are probably Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted, Malabrigo worsted, and two KnitPicks yarns: Elegance (dk weight), and Andean Silk (worsted weight). I also love Filatura Lanarota Puno, which is a light worsted weight 100% alpaca. For cotton, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece is hard to beat.
allergicmom said…
I have so many favourites that it's hard to choose. My favourite socks for this winter have been my Silk Garden Lite ones -- so thick, warm and cushy, and the colours make me smile every time I look at my feet.
Eve said…
Malabrigo all the way, baby.
Best wishes to Mr. Mog and his treatments.

My newly discovered favorite yarn is Alchemy Silk Purse. It has a fabulous feel and the colors are unbelievable.
Ren said…
i came over here from wiknit... one of my favorite yarns right now is lion brand cotton-ease. it is splitty when you knit with it, but the colors are fabulous and it is easy to care for. i especially like it for baby knits.

happy 500 posts!!! : )
Aknita said…
500 posts is going some!

What lovely socks. I hope your weekend continues to be a restful one.

I am a fan of Dream in Colour Smooshy at the moment, and also Natalie's yarns. Colour does it for me though - pinks, purples, greens.
ponka said…
I love Malabrigo, but that's kind of a "duh" answer.
twellve said…
my favorite yarn is colinette jitterbug because of the amazing colo(u)rs!
Meg said…
I am so glad that your husband seems to be doing so well with his treatments! My favorite sock yarns are dyed by Sundara .... just beautiful. And she has just started a colourway featuring colours from her mother's garden.
Good luck to both of you ...
Anonymous said…
congrats on post 500! wow! and thanks for the generous giveaway!

my two all-time favorites are brown sheep lamb's pride worsted - versatile, fluffy, and easy to sub into patterns


manos del uruguay - the colors are so yummy
knittingpanda said…
I absolutely love Malabrigo Merino Worsted. I love the semisolid colors mostly.
Kenyetta said…
Happy 500th Post!
I don't have a favorite yarn, well maybe Cashsoft DK!
cthulhulovesme said…
Congratulations on your 500th post! (And that is one bright sock.)

One of my favorite yarns is Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn. The colors are breathtaking and the feel is so squishy soft. I'm also really fond of Noro Cash Iroha, but will admit that it's a high-maintenance yarn.
Anonymous said…
Happy 500th post!! :)

Wow what a question. Hard to pick what is my favorite yarn. Can I give you two? I recently knit a project with Dream in Color classy-- I was actually sad to finish it! That yarn is so soft and comes in gorgeous colors. I also like Colinette Jitterbug, again very soft and beautiful colors. Plus they are both machine washable! :)

Jenny Girl said…
I don't really have a #1 favorite yarn, but at the moment it would have to be shine worsted from knit picks, believe it or not. It's great to work with, soft, and shows my stitches nicely.
Otherwise, I always look for a supwerwash merino type of yarn. Also springy and nice.

Love, love, love the rainbow socks! Right up my alley.
maylin said…
Glad to hear Mr Mog is on the downhill stretch now. I can't believe how you are whizzing with the socks considering all the prevarication last year! But then again I am the same, couldn't imagine what te attraction was now can't stop knitting them.

Yarn? Well Malabrigo naturally, it feels so wonderful it is a joy to knit with. They are doing a sock yarn soon and I can't wait. I would also like to try Noro sock yarn.
Anonymous said…
The socks are great, especially the teeny tiny ones! My fave yarn at the moment is all things Posh...such lovely vibrant colours and a joy to knit with. Love to Mr Mogg

z's momma said…
My favorite yarn is anything form Colourmart. They sell mill end high end yarns. Lovely and inexpensive.

Happy bloggiversary!
JANET said…
MALABRIGO! Whatever you make out of this stuff is gorgeous, and you can do all sorts of wierd color combinations that end up looking fabulous.
Judith said…
Without any doubt, Bluefaced Leicester sockyarn (with a little polyamide for durability). Soooooo soft, soooooo wonderful to knit with, soooooo lovely on your feet.

Best wishes,
Blue Witch said…
I'm enjoying spinning my own from Northumbrain Farmer Friend's fleeces at present (well, his sheep's), so that's my favourite :) I don't knit with it mind, I just look at it, and stroke it, like most of my large store.
evergreenknits said…
My new favorite yarn is the gorgeous, soft, but straight-from-the-farm yarn from Marr Haven.

That and anything from Fleece Artist - so beautiful!

You don't need to enter me into this contest, but I wanted to let you know that I posted about your contest on WiKnit, my knitting contest blog
Anonymous said…
As many before, I am a tad obsessed with malabrigo. Beautiful yarns for a giveaway.

Congrats on the 500th post!
Tante J said…
Happy 500th! I am quite enamored with Hand Maiden's Mini Maiden. I'm also currently digging on their Casbah.
Janey said…
500 posts...WOW!! Congratulations!!

I luurve that sock! So bright!

I adore Posh Yarn (who doesn't!)but when the wallet is thin it's a bit pricey! So recently I found the New Lanark yarns at £1 a ball!! 100% wool and lovely!

I bet you didn't know that I still check out your blog now and again. And you're having a contest too!!

This is your ISE5 spoilee. :-)

How the heck do you keep up with your blog??? 500 posts!! Cool!!!

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