My prize from Aknita:)) socks and more

Some gorgeous pictures today:)
Firstly the forest canopy shawl I won in Aknita's contest. Lydia is modelling for us today and I think the colour goes perfectly with Lydia's paint don't you? Also a close up of edge so you can see how fabulous it is. Thank you Joy the colour is perfect for me:))
This is followed by my second pair of finished socks for March. Yarn is Opal magic and from Shona
perfect for Spring don't you think? Made these a little smaller because I didn't want to make all socks same size. Adds more variety to the knitting and to the finished sets. Also means more than 1 pair can come from some of the yarn.
Final picture is from Yvonne , sent as part of her February fling to release some stash upon the world:) Feltable so I foresee bags in its future.
Second week is over for Mr Mog and his radiotherapy. 9 treatments done already. No problems so far but I'm touching wood it remains so. Main side effects seem to be coming from the hormone injections, making it hard for him to keep his temperature stable. This is worse at night where he seems to be either frozen or boiling. No happy medium. We've put the heavier duvet back on.


Marianne said…
That shawl is Gorgeous!

Keeping you and Mr close, sending strength... talk about up close and personal with the hot flashes... he is one man who will understand.
Miss T said…
What a beautiful shawl! The color is fabulous. Good energy to Mr. Mog. :o)
aniexma said…
Beautiful work on that shawl! You're a lucky gal.
Aknita said…
I am pleased that the shawl arrived safely - it suits Lydia very well ;-)

I could have sworn I posted about the trials and tribulations of hospital parking on Thursday ........
That is a fab prize which I think you deserve!. Sending good wishes to Mr Mog.
Lizet said…
The best wishes to mr. Mog.

The shawl is beautiful! Love the yarn too.
Roobeedoo said…
Lovely shawl! Good to hear Mr Mog is doing OK. Sorry you have the lurgy though!
Elle said…
Love the opal socks. Have recently knit a pair exactly the same for Himself. Opal yarn is so nice to knit with, don't you think?

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