I'm back:)

Well I think the lurgy is finally leaving me. I'm at the catarrh, ,yucky stage. Its been an awful week and I haven't felt much like doing anything.Except a little knitting of course:)
Mr Mog has now started with it and I'm hoping it doesn't linger for him as he doesn't need that on top of the radiotherapy. Over a third done on that now, just 23 left to go.
As I say I have been knitting. I finikshed the blue socks and they look good, I do like the colour mix on the Meilenweit fun.
I've started another pair in Regia and theya re quite cheery don't you think?
Final picture is the current state of play on mini socks. Do you like the mini sock blockers Mr Mog made?


So glas that you are feeling better but sorry that you breathed on Mr Mog. Nice blockers Mr Mog - obviously as talented as Mrs Mog. I like the colour of the Regia socks. I gravitate towards brightly coloured wool.
yvette said…
I love the bright coloured Regia and your mini socks are gorgeous. Hope you are both feeling better.
Those mini socks are adorable and I think you just might have a cottage industry in the making with those Mr. Mog sock blockers!
Anonymous said…
Do you have a pattern or yarn size or needle size for the mini socks. They are lovely.

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