more shawl pictures:)

Its dry so I thought I'd show off more pictures of the shawl:)
I am so pleased with how it came out, so tactile, so warm and so so cuddly. And as my grandsons said "its really purple Nanny"
Lydia looked particularily fetching I thought. It goes so well with her skin tone:)
This is being given away although I'd like to keep it. I have too many shawls already.
Have started another in a delightful Studley Pastiche in pinky purples. Are we on a colour theme here? I don't know.
Really yuck day today, I feel so low and don't know why. Also I think my glasses need changing as I'm getting spacey feel when I read anything.
Ah well
Off to knit and watch Chelsea flower show.


Yvonne said…
It looks stunning!
Sue said…
That is a gorgeous shawl, Amber. Lucky recipient!
Crobbles said…
WOW, it's huge, AND very lovely indeed! I felt like I was knitting huge rows on my little Beltane shoulder shawl.
clarabelle said…
It does look really cuddly - and huge! I would keep it, if I were you... what's one more shawl, eh!
Artis-Anne said…
WOW I love it, what a stunning colour and I bet it is snuggly and yes Lydia has the perfect skin tones for it ;)
I am so sorry that you are feeling low at the moment and I hope that by today you are feeling better
maylin said…
Absolutely Fabulous
Your shawl is just lovely!
Brahdelt said…
Beautiful shawl! I would definitely keep it. ^^
I wish I could watch Chelsea Flower Show but they stopped broadcasting BBC Prime to Poland this year, sigh...
Blue Witch said…
That second picture is better than several of the Chelsea gardens. Beautiful shawl and I adore the colours (BW Blue with a bit of magenta mixed in) :)

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