Beltaine shawl etc

Beltaine shawl is finished. Meant to post pictures last week but its been a little weird around here.Very pleased with out it turned out. Yarns used?
Mountain colours mohair and bearfoot in Indian paintbox, Wollmeise Uluru I think:) colinette mohair , mohair from Jo of Celtic memory. Not sure what else:) Do you like the way it goes from first fire oranges to deep red glow as the fire takes hold? It feels so warm and luxurious. I love shawls:)

I've also wound the yarn for my next shawl. It will be Colinette silky chic in Florentina, mixed with Victoria Smedley mohair boucle that was gifted by Yvonne my last SP:) I think they go together perfectly and I know I'll love the tactile finish that the silky chic will add.
I've finished socks as well:)

The wacky pair in double knitting and the first of the spearmint chew ones:) Almost finished second one pictures after weekend.
Things not good here sadly, nmot Mr Mog but to do with my son. Regular readers will know what I'm talking about. Keep your thoughts with him that he has strength to overcome the drugs once more.
Thank you


Crobbles said…
Your Beltane shawl is fabulous. Mine is almost finished but it will be a tiddler in comparison. The colours for the next one are wonderful too.

My thoughts are with you for you and your son.
Brahdelt said…
Your Beltane shawl is gorgeous! Just today I thought about some stash busting and knitting a similar shawl, only rectangular.
Marianne said…
Your Beltane shawl is beautiful. absolutely.
Pretty cute little socks there and the spearmint chew sock is sweet, of course.
So sad to hear this news about your son.... it's so hard, on him, you and the rest of the family, I know about these things, up close and personal.. My hopes and prayers are that he'll find the root of this despair and indeed, have the courage and strength to let go, it IS scary...
I always warn young people about drugs, and really the truth is and what I tell them, that shit will eat your soul, gobble it right up, doesn't even spit it out just keeps on eating..
Gorgeous shawl and beautiful colours. Sending strength to you and your family. x
aniexma said…
Beautiful shawl, it does look like fire! And I love the colours in those spearmint socks. Very yummy.
Sending you sparkles to brighten up your day. And lots of positive vibes to you and yours.
Blue Witch said…
Shawl is gorgeous.

So sorry to hear about your son. What a crazy world we have - Mr Mog having to have drugs he doesn't want, to help him, and Son Mog playing with drugs that could do the opposite. Thinking of you.
Lovely shawl. Love the fiery colours. Fab socks too!
Aknita said…
What a fabulous shawl - I love shawls too :-)

I'm sorry to hear things aren't so good :-( I do hope things look up soon for you.
Helen Cowans said…
The Beltane shawl is absolutely gorgeous :)
inkberryblue said…
I love your shawl. The colours are absolutely delicious!
...and I am sorry about your son. I'm sending understanding and gentleness to you.
KnitNana said…
You've been busy! What gorgeous colors...just stunning!
Hope things work out well for your son!
FairiesNest said…
The Beltaine shawl is fabulous and Fiery!!
clarabelle said…
The shawl is super and looks brilliant with ?your hair (I'm assuming it's you!). And great socks as usual.

Sorry to hear that your son is having problems - all good wishes to him, Mr Mog and to you.
Beautiful Beltane shawl. Beautiful! Careful the sun god doesn't get jealous.

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