Final pair of May socks finished and shawl progress

Finished my final pair of socks for May. These also are for the hospice year of socks. I believe the yarn is socks that rock but I don't know the colour. They are rather nice though:)
Quite a silky yarn and feels hard wearing. I didn't know the yardage as I didn't know which STR it was so made the socks slightly smaller. Still fit a size 6 ladies shoe.
I started another shawl as you can see. It is actually a lot further on and I will finish it this weekend. Not sure if you can see from the picture but there are some different shades of pink.lilac and apricots. It looks better in real life than the camera shows. It isn't for me, goddess knows I've more than enough shawls but I do love making them:)
I want to make another on the lines of the purple passion one. I want to use an eyelash style yarn mixed with either another mohair boucle or a mohair. All recommendations on yarn gratefully received.
I'm on with the PIF gifts, hope to have them out this next week. Mr Mog is making some Horned God figures if anyone is interested? They are earthy Pan style figures so not for the easily offended. After all Pan was a lusty god of the greenwoods.
Mr Mog made several of these a few years ago and thought he'd do some more. If you want to see a picture message me. I don't know that I want to put pictures on the blog yet.
He is doing really well I think the weather is agreeing with him, enabling him to garden.
Lots of veg and flowers coming up in the garden now.
I've packaged up my shawl for ISE and added yarn and other goodies. It is going in Tuesdays mail.
I've signed up for SP12 also.


The colours of the shawl are lovely as are the colours of the socks.
So glad to hear that Mr Mog is feeling better. The weather does help I agree. It's so nice to see sunshine instead of rain.

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