Born of water

My new shawl, named "Born of Water"
Yarn: mountain colors mohair
Collinette mohair(turquoise)
Unknown (dark blue)
Love the colours in this and I am loving being back knitting shawls and knitting mohair:)
I have started another:) This time using some superkid mohair I purchased last year at Woolfest from Jeni at Fyberspates. It is a gorgeous soft mossy green and goes perfectly with the cherry tree hill that Ulrika gifted me:)

photos when I get a little further along.

This fabulous sock bag complete with scissors, needle case , needles and stitch markers arrived today:) From Jane Model Widow pay it forward.Don't you just love it? How handy as well to have the needle case and scissors all attached together. This will be going on my travels for sure. Thank you Jane:)

Following on look what Vicky sent me for my seaweed shawl:) Don't these look perfect for seaweed? I am experimenting with some pieces to try and get the right seaweed effect for the bottom. I think the best way to knit will be make all the bottom pieces, leave on thread then knit upwards from them, but I'm not sure yet. Thank you Vicky for the perfect colours:)

Following on we have the sunset a couple of days ago as seen over the roofs. Colours were incredible and the light was amazing. Mr Mog took these:)

Next we have pictures from our trip up to Keswick yesterday. I decided not to do the usual mountain and lake pics but just to show you some snippets from Spout Force path on Whinlatter where we went. Didn't get to the waterfall but it didn't matter I just love this area for all the slate and flowers.
This tree is just one of the local ones that grow up from the beds of slate. The trunk was incredibly detailed.

We did have a couple of followers as you can see. They were very interested in us.

On our way home we stopped in a lay by over from Dallam Park and look what were hanging about there just waiting to be photographed. These park deer were unafraid but maybe that was because we were on the other side of the river. Do you spot the heron who was in the water?

A lovely way to fill up my creative batteries:)
Next post my scarf arrived from the ISE


clarabelle said…
Lots of lovely photos, Amber, and your shawl is gorgeous! I love how the turquoise edging really stands out.
Thanks for the lovely photos. I almost felt that I went with you on your trip to Keswick. I love the sheep.
The shawl is gorgeous. I love the colours and am sure that the next one will be gorgeous also using those wonderful colours that Vicky sent to you.
I love the little sock bag. So bright and cheerful for a dull day.
Aknita said…
What a beautiful shawl and such fabulous photos photos.
BabyLongLegs said…
Amazing sunset!!
Big Hugs Amber :)

Sarah xXx

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