Beltaine greetings, with socks

Happy Beltaine. may your fire be nourished and energy be strong.
We spent today visiting scarecrows, wonderful scarecrows with a green man giant, the princess from Shrek and much more. Where were we?
Finished my final April pair of hospice socks using the Australian Polwarth yarn. Heaven in a thread:) So so soft. I've also started my first May socks. Does it remind you of the spearmint chews we used to eat? or candy stripes?


Blue Witch said…
Google tells me: "Wray, land of the free and home of the brave. The first wifi hotspot village in Lancashire. The place where the scarecrows meet every May Day."

Happy Beltaine.

Pretty socks.
Rosie said…
Happy May Day. There were some fantastic Molly Dancers on Cambridge market place today, dressed all in black and white.

Love the April socks and yes, there is something very minty about the may ones.
Mad about Craft said…
Urchfont, Wiltshire?
Aknita said…
What lovely socks once again :-)

I have been a very bad blog visitor recently, I hope all is well with you both.

And I'm sorry you missed WW - it was a very good show - but I hope to make Woolfest.
Your socks remind me of spearmint chews and May Day reminds me of the Maypoles I used to dance around as a small child. The joy of being chosen to hold one of the ribbons and dance in and out to make the patterns around the pole.
Happy memories of childhood.
yvonnep said…
Beautiful socks, again. I have really not the slightest idea what Beltaine is, but if it has something to do with spring, may and so on, I hope we all have a happy Beltaine. Enjoy it.

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