doing,not reading and tales of shawls and socks

A great article from Cat Chapin-Bishop
Rooted in experience.
Go and read it she is so eloquent about experience versus book larning as my nanny would call it:) Actually doing something from the heart.
My answer is and you will have had to read the article to understand:))
the first time I called the quarters using things I had around and using words that poured forth from my heart.
The first time I made incense dedicated to Pan and his presence was all around me - the muskiness and the heat. I had to go and sit on the front step it was so overpowering:) What did I expect when calling such as he?
The time I created my first elemental figure when the muse came calling and the wonder I experienced when the person I gifted it to(not pagan) remarked on the mystery and the love within it and how good it made her feel.
We had friends round for tea last night and during the course of the evening we talked about the way ritual doesn't have to be formal. That things you do in your day to day activities can honour the sacred. You don't need tools or fancy words. Then this popped into my bloglines this morning. Serendipity or what?
I've finished the "In the pink" shawl, as you can see. It is so light and delicate yet warm. I hope wherever it ends up it is enjoyed.

I've started another sock and yes, another shawl:)

The sock yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fun colour 138

The shawl is mountain colours mohair the large ball and Colinette mohair the more turquoise. I'm going to do the garter stitch bans in the turq which picks up the turquoise in the mountain colors. Hopefully will be ok. Added advantage it ekes out that one precious ball of mountain colors.


dreamcatcher said…
Another gorgeous shawl, love the vibrant pinks.

I found your thoughts from the previous post very interesting too. Before the weekend I'd thought I'd get on with lots of knitting, but the muse had other ideas and computer-based art it was! I always go with where the muse takes me :-)
Crobbles said…
Wow, your needles must be flying!
The 'In the Pink' is dazzling.
I'm looking forward to seeing the turquoise shawl, such pretty colours.
Blue Witch said…
Would you mind slowing down a bit as you are wearing me out just looking at all these wonderful things you are creating? ;)
I think Mr Mog pins you up in a corner every evening so that you can knit and doze. It's the only way to explain all the knitting that you get through!
The blue colours look lovely. No doubt we will see the finished shawl very soon.
I agree with what you say about creating what feels right on that day. I fluctuate between crafts and usually have several things whirling in my head. I get up and my mind decides which one it will be today.

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