Moon in Scorpio, ah that explains it:) And a contest

No pictures today sorry.
Moon is full in Scorpio apparently which answers the "why have I felt so bad,had weird dreams, been sore"
There are supposedly 2 this year, anyone else want to say "oh sh*t"?
I seem to have become obsessed with shawls again:) Yes I am still knitting socks and have a contest for you later on.
BUT I started a scarf for my ISE pal, then I finished the Beltaine shawl. Enough you'd think? No I then had to do the purple passion shawl and not just do but a large shawl at that:)
Now I'm on with another in pink/apricot/lilac shades. This is around a third done already. I sat last night knitting itwhilst I watched Chelsea and House and I've been doing more of the same today after shopping. Granted it is my fail safe easy pattern so no thinking needed. That is good for meditation or just plain old thinking:) I do however have an idea in mind for a seaweed shawl. I'm visualising strands dangling from it. Strands that look like the fronds when I do my freeform beading, or did . Lacey from big needles,fine yarn and maybe shells or tiny beads added in. Oh and has to be sea colours. Checked out the stash and surprise no suitable yarn:) Must check rav destashes out.
I seem to have these obsessions with making, I do it when I start on my elementals. I can't just make 1, I have to create til the muse departs. Remind me to put my story on about the muse. Must root out the art journal that has it in.

Priestess-Harper, Sue and Crobbles please email me at amber(dot)moggie(at)virgin(dot)net and let me know your addresses for Pay it forward. And thank you for playing along:)
I have ideas in mind for you all:))
Now the contest.
As you know I was originally going to create 1 pair of socks per lunar month for the hospice. I'm obviously way over that already so the contest is
How many pairs of socks will I have knit for the hospice at the end of Decembers moon?
Obviously no winner will be announced til then and I will remind you of the contest a couple of times. I'll close it at beginning of September so get your thinking heads on and let me know what you think I'll have made.
1st prize for person nearest to correct amount = a shawl for Yule
2nd prize for runner up an elemental figure.
Or winner can chose that instead


Blue Witch said…
When's the moon is Scorpio again? Just so I can put it on the calendar and not plan anything important then...

I've been feeling the same way - but I felt better from yesterday on - do you? I do hope so!
Ah now I have something to blame my obsessions on. I get stuck on one thing until I am tired of making them also. I thought it was just me!
I am going through a phase of shawl making at the moment. I have other things swirling in my mind so I will be on to a different phase soon.
The moon in Scorpio could account for my soreness but thankfully the weird dreams seem to have been caught by your dream catcher lately.
dreamcatcher said…
Love the purple shawl, look forward to seeing pics of the latest one too!

My guess for the socks is 25 pairs :-)
maylin said…
I was born with Moon in Scorpio! And I have Pluto rising to boot. I have more obsessive startitis than anything though. Don't forget it also signifies transformation (though generally not a calm transition!)

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