Some to eat, some to bathe in ,some to admire.

And here we have a mixture of todays images. We made chocolate orange pots and parkin with crystalised ginger to eat. Bath bombs scented with lemon essential oil for bathing delight. Potted up some money plant babies. Legend has it that if you keep one of these plants and care for it you will always have money. Doesn't say how much though:) Then Mr Mog took pictures of a baby frog on the pond and a delightful calendula flower. Images for all the senses. A lovely day


Love the baby frog. We occasionally get one and it's always a celebration. Your chocolate orange pots and parkin have me drooling. Baking is so relaxing and fulfilling. Must go do some right away!
Anonymous said…
The chocolate pots looks sooo yummy. I'd love to make lemon bath bombs, once you know my identity you'll have to tell me how it is done!

I hope the parcel finds you soon!
Virtual Vacation Swap Pal
Gorgeous cakes. I could just eat them now! Bath hearts sound good too.

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