BSJ , Zimmerman for me:) Yarn pron and what next?

Yarn pron. this arrived today for me, some handdyed and some Silkwood yarn. Then while Mr Mog was photographing the yarn look what he saw. Isn't it a gorgeous butterfly?

Thanks for all the help on this, I managed to get hold of a pattern(thanks to a very kind person)
So without further ado a picture of my progress to daTe. My very first Baby surprise jacket.
Thoughts on ths:-
1. I do not like the yarn Rowan Cotton Glaze but didn't know what else to make it in where I'd have thick enough yarn and where I could see what I was doing. Next one, and oh yes there will be a next one, in something more babyish .
2. Without the explanatory notes I found on line I'd have been totally stuck. She isn't the easiest of patternwriters to follow is she?
3. It makes a change from the eternal shawls.

So what next I wonder?
What I do know, I need more non mohair yarns, but not cotton.
I need a set of circular needles for making hats so small circumference. What do you recommend? and where from?
Mr Mog had a visit from the Urology nurse today, very helpful guy who gave us lots more info and answered lots of questions. Oh and his bone scan came through already it is tomorrow. After that we have to wait for CAT scan. After that hopefully some treatment


Jen said…
I love the colors on that yarn up top!

The butterfly is a red admiral. Lucky you getting to see it!

For small circumference circular knitting, like baby hats, I either use DPNs or the two circulars method (like so many use for socks). Small circumference (8 to 12 inch) circulars exist, but because they're so short, they're awkward to use. I've seen many people complain of hand pain with them.

If it's an adult-sized hat, though, I like the Addi Turbo's in the 20-inch length. I find 16-inches too short (my head measurement is 23 inches), the knitting bunches up too much. 20-inches is just perfect.
Annette said…
I found I could work completely from the online notes for the BSJ and didn't really need the pattern,although I do have it. I must warn you, this little jacket is very addictive, I feel uneasy if I haven't got one OTNs!
Brooke said…
Hi Amber- I just read about Mr. Mog's diagnosis. I'm so sorry to hear about it- I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers, hoping for some good things to come your way-


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