Shawls shawls and Happy Mabon:)

Where shall I start? Firstly a wonderful Mabon card arrived for us today from my SP, isn't it lovely? Thank you SP and happy mabon or autumn equinox to you and to all others listening in:))
May the fruits of the harvest go forth with you into the dark half of the year to nourish you
Then I finished the shawl in the MCY silk/wool yarn from my last SP. Didn't have anything to edge it with so left it plain. It is very warm and this one will be going to the hospice as part of the year of shawls. Don't you think the colours are stunning?
Finally another Sursa, this time in Kureyon. I fancy edging it in bright purple but we will see once it is finished:)
Mr Mog, the nurse rang last night to say now all his tests were in they would have a meeting andecide what treatment. It will either be this Thursday or the following Thursday. I'm hoping this week as the sooner the better for starting treatment


maylin said…
What a perfect card for you! I never cease to be amazed at how quickly you knit up these shawls. Much more quickly than I sort ot yarn for you - but it will eventually get there, never fear.
Give Mr Mog a hug from me, I am thinking of you both, lets hope things get going ASAP
MargaretR said…
The sooner the better now Amber! Does Mr Mog enjoy having hugs? If he does give hime a really big one from me.
artyfartykat said…
The shawl is beautiful,I love the colours. You knit them up so fast!
Hope the treatment gets started soon and things start to improve for both of you.
Take care
Yet more fabulous scarves! Still thinking and praying for you both xx

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