Finished hat/fingerless gloves pictures

The pictures of the hat and fingerless gloves I made from Wye Sues yarn. Very warm and cosy. We need it today is freezing and an icy wind blowing from the sea:)


Pretty gloves and hat!

I'm hoping that things turn out well for all of you. Many hugs!

Brahdelt said…
What a great colour, beautiful set for colder weather!
Love the felted hat. How much bigger did you have to make it, and how many times did you check it during the washing?
Roobeedoo said…
lovely! That hat looks so thick and cosy - mmm!
artyfartykat said…
Oh I love the gloves and hat! The way the weather is at the moment, you've made them just in time!
dreamcatcher said…
The felted hat and the gloves are lovely, such a rich purple.

Really sorry to have read of your current situation, sending all the very best wishes for Mr Mog's treatment. Glad you have got family and friends nearby too.

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