Despair is a gift called Cancer

We got Mr Mog's results today which was great as it meant one less week to worry over them. The news wasn't good though:( They have decided that he has to start hormone pills Monday for 4 weeks, in 2 weeks time to start hormone injections(into the stomach apparently). Then 13th November, which is a very auspicious day n'est ce pas? he has to have operation to remove the core of his prostate. Then he has to have radiotherapy if the consultant radiographer thinks he is suitable for it. I tell you it just goes from bad to worse doesn't it? They had originally said hormones plus radiotherapy. Now it is necessary to have an operation. Mr Mog is very upset by it all and the list of side effects spelled out to him. Do we mention incontinence? erectile disfunction? Male menopause, iritability, tiredness. Do I need to go on? The poor lamb is not too happy with it all.
I feel so helpless, I am trying to be upbeat about it all and not let him see how worried it makes me. He is worried that he won't be able to give me the care I need.
Tell you what though I am so pleased we moved back home, nearer to our family and friends. The support will be invaluable and it also means they can visit him in hospital.
More later

Comments said…
I recommend 'as the tumor turns' found also on blogger.
I'm sorry to hear the diagnosis :(
Needles said…
Oh dear, not good at all. I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts.
Spinayarn said…
Sending hugs and positive vibes to you both. My son was born on the 13th November - a medical miracle and now huge and healthy. Hopeing for more medical miracles on that day for you too.
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry to hear about the increasing bad news. Know that I am thinking about you and Mr. Mog.

PTK ISE5 partner
maylin said…
I'm so sorry to hear that, love and hugs to you both.
clarabelle said…
I'd don't really know you at all, Ambermoggie, or your hubbie, but I can only send you all the best wishes that I can.

I'm not sure that despair is ever a gift. But hope is.

lots love and hope

Darling, who cares a jot about erectile dysfunction or male menopause or anything. These are just inconveniences that don't matter at all to two people who look out for each other as you do. So tell him he can stop bothering about the side effects right away because THEY DON'T MATTER! Just love him even more and start a special sweater for him - NOW! (need any yarn?)
Dominique said…
I wish you and your husband a lot of strenght to live through this

Roobeedoo said…
Lots and lots of hugs - the best medicine!
mehitabel said…
Seconding the comments on the side effects! My husband went through two years of treatment for lung cancer, so I know how you feel. But I have known so many men who have had good recoveries from prostate cancer, including my son's father-in-law, so try to keep a positive attitude and let him know you will love him no matter what!

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