MRI scan, knitting and more

no pictures today sorry its been a rotten couple of days. Mr Mog has his MRI scan appointment for next Wednesday and he is starting to worry:( He is quite down at the moment and he isnt' sleeping too well. Neither am I but thats by the way. I'm trying to keep his spirits up but what do you do when it doesn't work?
He also has a problem with his shoulder hurting a lot, needs to go to the doctor but I think he is scared because of the cancer. I'm making him an appointment for Monday, not telling him til its time to go:)
Knitting, on with the decreases on the Sursa shawl now so won't be long til I do the frill. I want to make some simple bootees for the new baby girl thats due. An easy pattern that in no way resembles socks. Must do a browse after this.
Been checking out various narrowboat companies, wow what prices even for now after all the schools have gone back. Arm and a leg isn't enough they want both arms, both legs and the rest of you as a deposit. Oh and then theres the extra non returnable indemnities in case you don't bring the boat back in pristine condition. Then insurance. Get real people, we only want to cruise the darn canal not take over the boat for good.
Any way tomorrow we have the grandsons coming over after school and staying over. Mr Mog will enjoy that as much as me:) The boys love their grandad, they love all the things he makes them and he is far more patient playing with them than I am:)
He is currently making a farm for the oldest grandson and a garage to add to a dolls house for the younger one.(He wanted a dolls house so he can have one:))


Marianne said…
You might try these for the booties, I've been seeing them around...
That's the pdf... the whole pattern.

Keeping you and Mr. Mogs very close in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully the grandsons will bring him cheer. (which I'm sure they will)
Anonymous said…
I've been reading your blog for quite a while now, delurking to wish you both luck next week.
I dream of going on a canal trip too - maybe it'd be cheaper to buy a boat and re sell it?
Anonymous said…
Sometimes the waiting is more scary than the outcome, I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

I used to love canal holidays but they have got so expensive. One of my favourite memories is sitting in the steersman cabin, with a coal fire, looking out on an icy february morning and watching the swans glide past through the fog.

clarabelle said…
I really hope that you both keep your chins up. It all sounds horrible, but actually saying the 'c' word makes it worse.

I really hope that you can find your canal boat holiday.. wish I could help...

And yes, kids and grandkids are the saving grace! Despite them being totally exhausting!
maylin said…
What a bummer that the holidays are so expensive, it seems a bit over the top. Good luck all the same. I know it is really awful worrying yet feeling you have to keep a brave face. Hugs to you both. You might like to look at the 'Fuck Cancer' website. It was recommended to me and put a bit of steel in my spine.
The Saartje's Bootees which everyone seems to be making (me included) are adorable and so quick to make. You can find them on

They're ideal for using up little scraps of leftover yarn!

Love and strength to you both. Holding you close.
Claudia said…
I've been away from reading your blog for much too long. Am sending hugs and prayers your way and will continue to do so. Hang in there. *hugs*
Michaela said…
Thanks for visiting the Stashbasket - you and Mr Mog are in the draw. I've been following his news from afar, hoping for good things on Wednesday.

If I had a narrow boat I would gladly let you borrow it. Sadly I don't. I didn't realise they were quite so expensive.

Did you sell the things from the de-stash post? There didn't seem to be any comments. I really like the top ball of yarn - please e-mail me if it's still available (address at side of blog) (I think!)
Curly Cable said…
Hugs to you both for next week xx will keep my fingers crossed for you. Its so ridiculous the prices for the narrowboat holiday, when will these companies finally realise if they dropped their prices, they would have far more bookings and recommendations. Hope the grandchildren brought you a few laughs, bestest medicine of all!
yvette said…
I hope you find a holiday for you and Mr Mog, sending you both best wishes.
Can you email me and I will give you the pattern details.
yveca820(at) hotmail(dot)com
Rachel said…
Hi, I came over from the ISE5 blog, and I wanted to tell you that you and your family are in my prayers! Hang in there, you're an amazing gal!

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