ISPs and Virgin

I emailed the CEO of Virgin and let him know all about my problems with them. I didn't really expect a response but was pleasantly surprised. I had an email within half an hour of mine explaining that the CEO wasn't there but they would check into it. The very next morning a phone call from his assistant asking what had happened and offering to help. I replied that it was too late I had moved providers but had wanted to let them know why. Her response? you should have rung the CEO earlier and we could have helped. I did try to tell her that I had been unable to get past customer services or tech support but there you go.
At least they respond, albeit too late.


Ashling said…
Good for you!!! It does say alot that they responded, but you switching companies, not as a nameless person but as a customer who gave a reason to the person high enough up to care is powerful stuff. Good job!

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