Clinical trials day 2

A long day yesterday not home until teatime. First dose of drugs given at hospital at 2-30 the  second at home at 9.15pm. Supposed to be 12 hours between and not too near bedtime as it may keep Mr Mog awake. However on reading the bumph that came with it it said leave least 6 hours between doses so we compromised at 9.15 Good nights sleep except that Mr M kept getting hot sweats, very hot sweats.
New regime started of drugs 7am and 7pm which hopefully will not impact on sleep. He has been fine today thankfully.


Lots of love and healing. I hope everythig turn out well. My thoughts are near you... <3 Best wishes, Suzanne from Holland
Leanne said…
love and support from here too,you are both in my thoughts and in my prayers. Leanne x
love and healing hugs from this ancient forest xoxoxo
Leanne said…
hope everythings ok? sending beltane blessings to you both

Leanne x
To add to others comments...really hope all is going well for you.Am thinking of you constantly. Best wishes

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