Mabon greetings

It is Mabon, also known as Autumn Equinox. A time of equal day and night, when we are on the brink of change.When the wheel turns from the outward creative and active half of the year towards the meditative inward half. The dark half of the year.
This for me ,as with many pagans, is a time to reflect on what has happened and what I've done this year. Also time to think of what I want in my life and from that what I want to let go of to make room for the new.
This is a time for reconnecting to our inner self.
Autumn equinox is a time when we are cutting back the dead growth in the gardens, pruning and making room for the new to come in the spring. Just like in life:)
I wish you joy of the season and strength for the letting go and letting in.
Never easy but worth doing.
Count the above pictures as my Mabon card to you. Enjoy


blog-blethers said…
What beautiful colours! It almost seems a shame to tidy up the garden and lose some of those glorious shades... At least, that's my excuse for the leaving the garden "as is'! Your socks in the post below so complement the autumnal foliage too:o)
Brahdelt said…
Happy Mabon!
Maybe that's where my cleaning and getting rid of things come from, I'm making room for the new things to come! *^v^*

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